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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Bunged Up.....

Hi ya,

I've been for my last Colonic treatment of this course. I have not been following the food combining (no protein with high carb/starch..fruit to be eaten alone) that I had been doing (as per Gillian McKeith) and have been just eating 'normally' (!!) .... oh what a mistake it was to think that my poor constitution could keep up with such punishment :0(

My therapist commented that my 'releases' werent as productive as the last visit! She knew almost straight away that things were very different and asked what I had been doing differently. I told her about the lack of combining and she said that it doesnt suit me to not do it and to go back to that way of eating. Cut a long story short, I am seeing her in a fortnight and will be eating 'properly' till then to see if I can rectify the problems I have caused myself.

I have had 2...count em...2 NSV's today!! Both my therapist and my friend commented today that I look much slimmer and had I lost weight??!!! I said no, it's probably my going to the gym. If it's going to have that effect after just 3 visits in 1 week I will be going daily from now on!!

Talking of the gym, I can honestly say I'm loving it!! I think it's because I wasnt given a programme that kills me but it does work me flippin hard. I have my 2nd supervised training session on Tuesday which I'm looking forward to :0) I think we will be introducing some weights into the programme then, so we will have to see what results show from that!

I hope all is well with anyone who chances by this blog, thanks for reading :0)


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