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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lazy Day :0)

Got up this morning to the sound of brekkie being cooked :0)
(2 thin grilled pork sausages, thick slice Tiger bread toasted, mushrooms, tomato, baked beans with an egg on top...yyuuuuuuuuuummmmmyyyyyy!!!!)

I said to FB I was off to Aquafit and would scoff it when I got back (only the sausages had cooked) as was feeling energetic but in my sleepy haze had completely forgotten that the clocks had gone forward an hour and being that I stumbled into the kitchen at 08.24 (clock not changed in bedroom) and the class starts at 09.30 New Time I missed out!!

Decided that having my cooked brekkie was the best course of action then got into the WW message boards for most (actually ALL!!) of the morning! LOL!! Eventually got off my considerable arse and FB and I had a lovely walk with the dog before collecting my DD from her dad.

Had a fabbie pork casserole for tea that FB had started in the slow cooker last night with another of his Absolutely Gorgeous puddings for afters (see Busy Weekend post for pic)

I think I have my faith restored again after doing my measurements and am realllly focused on having an amazing weight loss this week...I WANT THAT 10% keyring!!! It's only 5lb away...not a million miles!!!

Here's to another good week...Please be good and keep strong for your goals :0)


Saturday, 28 March 2009

Now for some Good News :0) !!!

Being that I was sooooo gutted at WI on Thursday I decided to look at my measurements again. It's been a month since last time so I was due to update.....

I measure as follows:

Left Arm
Right Arm
Bust (across boobs)
Chest (under boobs)
Left Thigh
Right Thigh
Left Knee
Right Knee

The measurements are different by this much:

Total 35.5 cms!! Or 14.2 inches!!

This isnt something to be sniffed at, I would say, and I have had my faith restored that things ARE infact happening and I AM shrinking :0)

So, all in all, everything is not lost and with renewed faith and the knowledge that I need to get more protein inside me.....here we go for WI next week!!

Onwards and downwards for us Ladies :0)


Been a while.....

Hi all,

It's been a while so here goes...lets see if I can get thro the grey matter enough to update all the goings on here!


Went swimming with DD and FB...mostly it's just messing about in the Rapids and doing handstands (about the only time I can get my considerable arse above my head is with the help of the water!!)


Another busy morning getting all my chores done in town..I walked from one to the other to get all I needed...hope all this marching about the place will show as toned gorgeous legs one day!!

Went to Aquafit with a friend for a change instead of going alone, which I really dont mind. The instructor must have been on speed again as we were worked really hard! I do feel knackered but sooooo much better for going and giving it all I've got :0)


Up early again and out with the dog first thing...when the weather is dry it's really nice to be out when it's fairly quiet :0)

Another good day points wise...have been earning about 1-2 points per day according to my pedometer (more than that for aquafit) as well so am trying to keep an even keel.

Thursday- - - - -Weigh In Day.......

Not so nice out with the dog today...bit of rain in the air but nothing too excessive. These days I even manage to run with her..not far and not for long at all but with my boots on it's all a bit ungainly!! I am hoping that as weight comes off I will be able to manage to do these impromptu leggits for longer and more often. When it's not wet anymore I will be able to wear my trainers too, so that may help!


Have been soooo focused this week with points and activity I was hoping to get REAAALLLLYYYY close to my 5lb needed for my 10%...... drum roll please......



Oh for :0%%%%%%%%%%%%% sake!!! What the heck is it gonna take to get some weight off this flamin' body???

I had words with my Leader and she suggested that I may be eating too many starchy foods. I am naughty about not eating enough protein ... am not a big meat eater ... but have noticed I'm not having the salmon, tuna and ham that I was eating to begin with so am going to address this issue over the next coming week.


Started the day with weighed Shreddies and banana. I havent been weighing foods till now so think this is probably going to be something that will help too. (Iknow I know...obvious really!)

I had a 2 egg omlette with a slice of cheese and a slice of ham in it with some salad so the protein eating is going well!

Had my nails done last night which meant a late arrival at home so got FB fish and chips and I had fish cake with a few chips bulked out with some veggies. Washed that down with a bottle of lager and that was me full, satisfied and happy for the evening :0)


FB popped to Tesco first thing to get ingredients for a cooked brekkie (I am soooooo spoilt/lucky!!) I had 2 thin skinless sausages, a rasher of bacon, an egg, a slice of Tesco's fabulous Tiger bread, mushrooms, baked beans, and a potato cake. It was FANTASTIC!!!! We had that about 10.30 and it's now 15.30 and I'm not the slightest bit hungry!

Going to have salmon and veggies this evening (no potatoes) with one of FB's fabbie desserts! I have opted to have strawberries and raspberries in my jelly instead of trifle sponges to make it less points (see post 'Busy Weekend' for photos!)

Need to go pressie shopping for DD as she is away at daddies just now and her birthday is Weds, so want to get them whilst little eyes arent searching the hiding places for evidence! LOL!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend..I'll not leave it so long next time (she says!!)


Sunday, 22 March 2009

I've not forgotten....am just rubbish!

Hi all,

In my last blog I threatened that I would be here to bore you more often...that lasted a long time huh??!

Still, since my last blog I have been very good with my points and have mowed my friends lawn, which is about 100ft long and 70ft wide, which was wholly satisfying :0) I went to WI last Thursday and lost 1.5lb.


After all of that hard work last weekend and then MORE mowing .... I only managed to get rid of the weight I put on due to TOTM???? ... Where the hell is the justice in that????

Yes it may well be due to increased muscle so we'll have to weight (get it??!!) and see......

I do sometimes get down about how much further I have to go. I went out with a friend on Friday to a Dinner and Dance. I had bought a dress that did actually look ok but didnt want to look 'over dressed' so opted for the comfortable black trousers and a top. I must have changed my mind about the top about 15 times. I tried on a suit I havent worn for about 4 years (good job they are mostly timeless!!) and it fitted quite well! I need to lose a bit more off of the 'stubborn stomach' to be able to wear it with just about any top but it's good news that I could wear it if I wanted to :0) Anyway, the tops...... I, as I am sure many of you too, have lots of clothes in my wardrobes (I have 2 wardrobes..1 for Going Out stuff, the other for Every Day stuff) but there's not much in there that I want to wear anymore. Some of it is now baggy, most of it I have had for ages and am bored with. Trouble is, I havent lost enough yet to be very sure of wearing a 22 comfortably without my bulgy belly spoiling the effect, along with my very obvious 'bingo wings'.


I am impatient and sometimes, when I'm having a 'skinny day', I am soooooooo frustrated that my body doesnt look the way it feels. I sit on the bed, facing the mirror, to put my socks on and all I can see is hips as wide as the Severn Bridge with a fold of belly over the top. No, it's not all as bad as it used to be, but it's still soul destroying when all you think of is 'how many points have I had today??' 'How many have I got left??' 'I'm not going to have that sausage/those chips/more bread because it wont help'. I know it didnt go on in 5 minutes, and that it sure as hell wont come off that wayeither, but just a little bit quicker would be lovely....PPPPPRREEETTYYYY PPLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE????!!!!!


It's Mothers Day and after being brought brekkie in bed I have managed to get away with doing absolutely nothing all day :0) :0) !! ( apart from reading Dietgirls Blog and catching up with this one!)

Fear Not Dear Reader; I shall be back on the 06.40 trip out with the dog tomorrow and altho I cant walk DD to school as have a doctors appointment, we will be swimming in the evening so I shall work hard at messing about with FB and DD then :0)

Onwards and downwards ....Till next time xxxxx

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

There's a pattern forming here........!

I've just realised there is a pattern forming for my blogs...as in...posting every other day! This is probably a good thing as left toooo much to my own devices I will tend to ramble on about any old thing so best left till I have something sensible to say!!


Mostly spent the day trying to make my legs operate sufficiently to get around after all my efforts in the garden over the weekend! Trying to dig those damn bramble roots out really got to the back of my thighs and I have been walking like I've just got off a horse for the first time in a week! LOL!!! Did ok on points but have been feeling 'fat'... probably due to TOTM.


One hell of a busy day!!
I was out with the dog at 06.40 for about 1/2hr, walked to school with DD and had to make a detour to collect her friend as her mum wasn't well. Went into town where I had loads of errands to run and whilst in town I parked at one end and had to walk for miles to get all that I needed to done. By the time I had finished I had clocked up 6.5 points on my pedometer!! Later in the afternoon, after collecting DD from school, I went to a friends and mowed their lawn. Great, I hear you say...so what??! Well, it's about 100 ft long by about 70ft wide and this was the first cut of the year! I can honestly say I'm really quite glad they've got a driven petrol mower as this makes it a little easier. Being that I will probably get the job to do every fortnight or so I shall be greatful by the end of the season!! Not to mention having biceps and calves like Arnie!!

I can honestly say I'm shattered so will make my well earned cuppa and pop off to bed....

Sweet Dreams :0)

P xx

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Busy Weekend.....

Being that the sun was shining I 'got the bug' and started on the garden!

Shame I didnt take any 'before' pictures but suffice to say that I hadn't done anything with any of the bushes underneath the sitting room window and I'd stupidly left the cutting down of my huge Buddlia to 2 teenage boys...hhmmm... I should know better at my age! The remnants of that were strewn over the lawn and had been there for the last 2 weeks... the whole place looked like Steptoe's Yard!!

I borrowed my dad's shredder and was out till it was dark getting rid of the cutting I had done of the bushes along with the Buddlia. I had to go to B&Q to replace some loppers and a garden fork as I had broken both of them! The fork bit the dust as I was trying to get some bramble bush roots out...them beggars go for miles! They do the world of good for your muscles though... I now have muscles I didnt know existed!

FB got the new Leonardo DiCaprio film to watch and I think I managed to make it through about 20 mins, it was really slow and hard going so I kept nodding off! I was flippin' knackered after all my efforts in the garden... we eventually went to bed at 11.30 and I went straight back to sleep :0)


After waking at a reasonable time FB and I took the dog over to the park for 1/2hr. There was some looney over there knocking a golf ball about, which is no great problem, except twice the ball landed about 5 feet from me...I was NOT best impressed. Good job the flamin' idiot was right over the other side of the park or he may just have had to have a piece of my tiny mind!

After that I was back in the garden finishing off my shredding, (whilst trying to avoid a fire in the machine as it was blocked and smoking!!) spreading that about across the top border then being treated to a cooked brekkie which we ate outside!! FB did me WW bacon, mushrooms, tomato, egg, baked beans and a slice of toast..YUMMY YUM YUM!!!!
Had that at about 10.30 and after digging what is meant to be my rose garden (bl**dy puppy keeps chewing my plants :0% ), digging the rest of the borders, mowing the lawn a couple of times to take it down to a reasonable length (after checking the oil as it's not been used since last year...god I'm such a bloke sometimes!!), chucking all the used items/rubbish out for collection, it had got to about 4.30 and I was starting to get hungry! It's amazing how much you dont think about eating when you're busy :0)

I MUST have earned about 15, 000 000 0000 0000 0000 000 points for that lot...SURELY?!!!
I have counted some points for it all, not tooo many, just enough to justify all my hard work :-) I will take some foto's tomorrow and post them, I hope they show how hard I have worked!!

This is a pic of the dessert FB made me today..It was blimmin' lovely!! I worked it out to 5 points... we'll be having some more of them I can tell you! I do have to say I struggled a little to finish it, even tho it was the equivalent of my tea for this evening!

As you can see, it didnt last too long after all!!!!

Well, it's Sunday evening again...Which means it's the dreaded Monday Morning soon :0(((( !!

Keep up the good work :-)

P xx

Friday, 13 March 2009

Bloody Typical :0((((((

Just because I was feeling good and looking forward to WI last night the bl**dy scales said I've put on 1.5lb.


I have come to the conclusion there are several reasons this may be:

1. We had a change of venue last week and were weighed on a lino floor = 3lb loss
2. Leader was using new scales on a carpet floor this week.
3. Not been drinking enough water.
4. Have been getting up at 05.30 and taking the dog out for 30/40 mins although
not walking particulary hard.
5. I have been to aquafit and worked my a*s off.
6. Could well be coming up for TOTM (never quite sure when it's going to rear it's ugly head)

So...not really got any other conclusion than just to keep plodding on and see what happens over the next couple of weeks. (Can you tell I'm totally P'eeeeed off with it tho??!!)


I called into a shop I hadn't been in to for a long time and the guy who runs it questioned whether I'd lost weight and guessed it was over a stone :0) I was really pleased with that! Unusual for a bloke to notice not to mention saying anything about it so he made my Friday 13th!!

Have been out for an early pint this evening and only had 2 halves of lager but feel completely spaced out! I'm such a 'lightweight' when it comes to lager but can happily down 8 Tia Maria and diet cokes no problem!! LOL!!

Well, that's enough rambling from me for today...am going to be tidying the garden tomorrow so will no doubt update at some point :0)

Be good

P xx

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Getting a bit slack??!!!

I'm disappointed in myself for not boring you with new posts every day as I'd intended so I will aim to do so from now on!! (slack no 1!)

I've been within my points this week and have been getting up with FB at 05.45 and taking the dog out for 30/40 mins every morning as well as walking DD to school.

I went to aquafit on Tuesday and after the class asked the instructor if she was on speed or summit as she'd worked us mega hard :0) She said she was 'angry' and having spoken to one of the other members it turns out that there were 2 women who never stopped talking the whole way thro the class. She's had words with them before about it but they'd obviously not taken any notice so she had one of the lifeguards turn the music up REALLY loud and worked our butts off!! Good for us I'd say (being a glutton for punishment!). I've been out with the dog for 1/2 hr again this morning and will walk DD to school which is about 1/4 mile each way.

Yesterday I was thinking (steady on girl!) about WW and losing points as you lose weight and as you get older (I'll be 40 in September !) and wondering where on earth was the incentive in that?? I was wearing a pair of jeans I've had for some time and as I got off the sofa, although I had a belt on, I had to yank them up. FB said (and I quote) "darling you are just going to have to accept you've lost too much weight to wear those jeans anymore" (slack no 2!!)

THERE'S THE INCENTIVE!! I was hoping it wouldn't be too far away!

I must admit I was having a 'skinny day', you know when you feel really so much smaller than you used to, it's just a shame the mirror doesn't recognise it!! I keep looking at my belly and wishing they were more in proportion as it's that and my hips that are letting me down but when I take into consideration how much more fat (YUP...she used the F word!!) I have to lose I hope both areas will be alot different. I dont think I look like I weigh as much as I do so perhaps as there IS so much more to get rid of I may end up smaller than I could have previously imagined......
OMG... this is all too much for this time of the morning!!!

Well, it's weigh in night and I am, for once, looking forward to it! Knowing my luck it'll all go horribly wrong but I will let you know later!!!
I have 4.5lb to go for my 10% and then another 1lb after that for my 2 stone, (and another lovely, shiny, sticky Silver 7....ooooo....shiny....!!) so here goes!!

Jane xx

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Forgot to mention....

Yesterday morning DD had bought us up a cuppa and a slice of toast whilst we were in bed so once downstairs FB did bacon sarnies, he offered to make me one but I declined and had chopped up banana and strawberries with a WW yoghurt over the top instead!!!

*sits polishing Halo till it's bright enough to blind*!!!!

P xx

The Weekend


OMG... what a morning...!!!

I walked my daughter to school, all was well and I was still on a high from getting my Silver 7. I was driving down the road and from absolutely NOWHERE came 2 dogs...straight out in front of the car. There was nothing I could do except slam on the brakes but I still caught the back end of the bigger dog of the two... It got up and ran after the other one apparently not hurt. I went back to find out where they had come from and discovered that the woman who owned them blaming the guy who was reading the meter for knocking on the door as the big dog is able to open it...LOCK THE EFFING DOOR THEN!!!!!! Luckily a neighbour saw everything that happened and was already talking to her and told her that there was nothing I could have done. I could quite cheerfully have slapped her, idiots like that dont deserve to have animals.

Other than that (as if it wasnt enough) the day was quite reasonable....was showered and in my pj's by 7pm,...total bliss!!


Nothing exciting today...I think I had about as much as I needed yesterday!

OOOOOOO....... Hang on...... FB, DD and I went to a 50-60's night at our local social club. I wore a dress that I could have either worn with leggings or jeans but I went all out and wore it with patterned tights!! I'm kicking myself now for not having taken a foto as I felt I looked really ok! I had put the front of my hair up in a kinda quiff and put the rest up in a ponytail. I had false eyelashes with sparkly bits on and it was all so much fun and for the first time in aggggeeesss I felt like I was as good/worthy/attractive as anyone else there. Good job really as not many people had made the effort to dress up and at first I felt like an idiot but then I thought..actually why should I feel like that?? If they cant be bothered and I look this damn good then why shouldnt I rejoice in that????
We are so hard on ourselves for so much of the time and although it's really hard to let go I think it does us good to do so whenever we can.
It was a very pleasant evening and I was complimented many times on my sparkly eyelashes so that was fun!!!


With renewed vigour I tackled DD's bedroom this morning. Anyone with a 9 year old may be aware of how much mess they can make...anyone without one..... BEWARE!!!!! LOL!! The place looked like a bomb had gone off but it really didnt take toooo long once we got going. Much to DDs disgust she was made to help and after some initial reluctance she was really very helpful and loves her tidy bedroom :0)
After a futile attempt to go bowling this afternoon, as there was a 1hr waiting time for a lane, we've had quite a lazy afternoon watching a DVD and we had KFC for dinner...all pointed of course!!! To be honest, these days I would rather have something like salmon and fresh veg ... anything with fresh steamed veg really!!! How much of a change??! Mind you, saying that, I have always loved veggies I just think I lost my mojo for cooking. Thankfully this has returned to a certain extent and when I dont have it I have my lovely FB to take up the slack :0)

Now it's time to make the sarnies for tomorrow, have a cuppa and go to bed...
Here comes Monday again :0(

P xx

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Day of Reckoning!!!!

It's WI day today...the day of not eating very much and trying to use the loo as much as possible!!!

All was not in vain .... had a 3lb loss....YYYYAAAAYYYYYYYYY MEEEEEEE!!!

I've been chasing 2lb for the last coupe of weeks for my 3rd Silver 7 and now I am the proud possessor of the the elusive Sticky Seven for my card!!

I have another 4.5lb to go for my 10% and then another 1lb for my 2 stone...and another 7! Isn't it sad how as grown ups we've regressed to chasing sticky, shiny rewards for our achievements!!

I've had some gorgeous strawberries for my supper tonight and without any cream on...no sugar either...even bought some Elmlea low fat cream but once I discovered it was 1.5 points per tablespoon I decided to go without!
I even chose to have them and save some points rather than having a Twix....eerrrmmmm.... *can someone bring the real Jane back please*!!!

I feel so much better and as I've just said to FB when we go to Blackpool in August I wont have any trouble getting through the turnstiles! I went last year and although I could get through sometimes it was a bit of a struggle, which is embarrasing to say the least...not to mention not being able to get my leg up high enough to get on a carousel horse ride kinda thing and had to walk all the way round and leave the area before the ride started. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me :-(

Never mind that... it's all in the past...onwards and downwards :-) !!

P xx

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tue.... Wed....

I didnt blog yesterday as I had a very down day :-( Not even sure why, just 'one of those days'. Regardless of that I ate well and only went 2 points over....it would have been soooo much worse pre ww days..I'd have had everything in sight and then some!!

Despite the rain p££ing down and the wind blowing a hoolie I went to aquafit and worked my ar&e off...being that exercise is meant to make you feel better I thought I may as well give it a go and it did help.


Has been a much better day :-)

I have made more sensible choices (ie filling foods instead of not so good for you things!) and have so far saved 2.5 points...although thinking about it it's the last day of 'my week' so I may well eat them before I go to bed as I also have some BP's saved!

Waste not want not I say!!!

Over the last couple of days I've been having lots of veggies (and the wind that goes with it :-*!!) with a little bit of protein and NO potato/pasta/rice... I never thought I would ever see the day! I LOVE my pots, be they chipped or mashed so not to have or even want them is a bit of a miracle..lets hope that the effect shows up on the scales!!

We have a change of venue for WI tomorrow as our usual one is completely closed so I wonder what that will bring?? Our normal room has carpet on the floor and I think this one may be wood/concrete..I shall report all tomorrow!!

Good luck for all those who have yet to weigh in :-)

P xx

Monday, 2 March 2009

A request from OH........

OH has commented on the fact that the abbreviation 'OH' is impersonal so would like to be known forthwith as FB!!

Anyone who has seen Austin Powers will know exactly what this stands for and it's definately meant with much love!! LOL!!!

P xx


Evenin all!!

Have had a reasonable, if cold, day today :0( I forgot to take my jacket out with me as it looked so nice and ended up freezing like an idiot!

Went swimming with DD and OH this afternoon..why does the water always have to be so bloody cold?! When we get in DD always says to me "mum you're going to have the hump, it's cold in here!!!" Still, we had a bit of a giggle. I have to admit to being a baby where water is concerned..I have to make sure I'm in control and I dont like being under it for very long. That said, we ended up doing handstands in the water and with my goggles and nose clip on it was ok..you can only imagine just how fabbie I look with all my 'face furniture' on!! I often get funny looks from kids but put it down to them just being jealous :0)

Have had salmon and steamed veg for tea (no potato products) so have about 8 points left to use now..must mean it's time for a cuppa and a couple of WW victoria sponges..they are lovely! Could have had a Kit Kat or similar with the aforementioned cuppa but I feel like I'm letting myself down by doing that...how silly when I have the points?! A day without chips though so one to cross off the calendar :-)

I hope all that have weighed in are happy with the results and Good Luck to all those still to go!

P xx

Sunday, 1 March 2009

LulworthCove :-) And Sunday....

Hi All!!

We had a lovey time yesterday at Lulworth Cove, I've never been there before and it's beautiful as you can hopefully see from the foto's!

We had some lunch before we went exploring and I had decided to have fish cake and mushy peas..without the chips! Unfortunately the guy didn't hear OH properly and gave me chips anyway :-(( I DID give 2/3 of them to OH so altho I havent managed to keep to my Lent promise I did make an effort to limit the damage.

It was very hilly there...It's not particulary evident from this pic but coming down here was a bit like being a mountain goat!!

The day was lovely, the sun shone now and again. There is a MASSIVE hill there and OH suggested walking up to see the view from the top.....

.......My reply was not repeatable in such refined company but suffice to say I suggested that maybe, just maybe, when I've lost another 3 1/2 stone, we'll go back and give it a go!! I shall have to make sure I've been on a xtrainer or something similar! It's going to be a killer on the calves!!!

We then went on to Poole, had a look around the pottery..gotta do it whilst you're there!.. and a long walk along the Quay. The Sunseeker manufacturers are there and the boats are something to dream about for the day the 6 numbers come up on the EuroLottery!

On the way home we decided we'd go to the chinese and the cinema. The chinese is an eat-all-eyou-like type and altho I had a little of everything I fancied, I was pleasantly full and I like to think I made some really good choices. Over the day I have only gone over my daily allowance of 26 by 9 points which I think is ok. I didnt have popcorn or any nibbles at the cinema as didnt need/want them, so I'm quite pleased with that :-)
We saw the new Clint Eastwood film Gran Tourino and altho I'm not known for being a CE fan it was a good/funny/arse on the edge of your seat/tears in your eyes kinda film....I would highly recommend it.


Didn't make aquafit this morning as havent slept well for the last few nights so made the most of it whilst I was sleeping! Have been busy sorting the washing (oh I hate the Sunday leading to Monday jobs :-(( ) and the garden and had to collect DD from her dad, which is an hour drive each way. Some shopping done inbetween this and now waiting for OH to finish cooking the dinner as I'm STARVING!!! I have accounted for my roast dinner and still have enough points left for a WW Victoria Sandwich with a hot cuppa for supper and with the points I already had saved I will be back on track with my points :0)

All in all a fantastic weekend and am still very much on track...how much better can WW get than that?????!!!

I hope you all are well and happy :-)

P xxx