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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tue.... Wed....

I didnt blog yesterday as I had a very down day :-( Not even sure why, just 'one of those days'. Regardless of that I ate well and only went 2 points over....it would have been soooo much worse pre ww days..I'd have had everything in sight and then some!!

Despite the rain p££ing down and the wind blowing a hoolie I went to aquafit and worked my ar&e off...being that exercise is meant to make you feel better I thought I may as well give it a go and it did help.


Has been a much better day :-)

I have made more sensible choices (ie filling foods instead of not so good for you things!) and have so far saved 2.5 points...although thinking about it it's the last day of 'my week' so I may well eat them before I go to bed as I also have some BP's saved!

Waste not want not I say!!!

Over the last couple of days I've been having lots of veggies (and the wind that goes with it :-*!!) with a little bit of protein and NO potato/pasta/rice... I never thought I would ever see the day! I LOVE my pots, be they chipped or mashed so not to have or even want them is a bit of a miracle..lets hope that the effect shows up on the scales!!

We have a change of venue for WI tomorrow as our usual one is completely closed so I wonder what that will bring?? Our normal room has carpet on the floor and I think this one may be wood/concrete..I shall report all tomorrow!!

Good luck for all those who have yet to weigh in :-)

P xx

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  1. Well done for helping yourself yesterday! What a star to go to aquafit and not overeat when you're down! You must be learning how to beat your old habits! I hope to manage that too one day! LOL!