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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Busy Weekend.....

Being that the sun was shining I 'got the bug' and started on the garden!

Shame I didnt take any 'before' pictures but suffice to say that I hadn't done anything with any of the bushes underneath the sitting room window and I'd stupidly left the cutting down of my huge Buddlia to 2 teenage boys...hhmmm... I should know better at my age! The remnants of that were strewn over the lawn and had been there for the last 2 weeks... the whole place looked like Steptoe's Yard!!

I borrowed my dad's shredder and was out till it was dark getting rid of the cutting I had done of the bushes along with the Buddlia. I had to go to B&Q to replace some loppers and a garden fork as I had broken both of them! The fork bit the dust as I was trying to get some bramble bush roots out...them beggars go for miles! They do the world of good for your muscles though... I now have muscles I didnt know existed!

FB got the new Leonardo DiCaprio film to watch and I think I managed to make it through about 20 mins, it was really slow and hard going so I kept nodding off! I was flippin' knackered after all my efforts in the garden... we eventually went to bed at 11.30 and I went straight back to sleep :0)


After waking at a reasonable time FB and I took the dog over to the park for 1/2hr. There was some looney over there knocking a golf ball about, which is no great problem, except twice the ball landed about 5 feet from me...I was NOT best impressed. Good job the flamin' idiot was right over the other side of the park or he may just have had to have a piece of my tiny mind!

After that I was back in the garden finishing off my shredding, (whilst trying to avoid a fire in the machine as it was blocked and smoking!!) spreading that about across the top border then being treated to a cooked brekkie which we ate outside!! FB did me WW bacon, mushrooms, tomato, egg, baked beans and a slice of toast..YUMMY YUM YUM!!!!
Had that at about 10.30 and after digging what is meant to be my rose garden (bl**dy puppy keeps chewing my plants :0% ), digging the rest of the borders, mowing the lawn a couple of times to take it down to a reasonable length (after checking the oil as it's not been used since last year...god I'm such a bloke sometimes!!), chucking all the used items/rubbish out for collection, it had got to about 4.30 and I was starting to get hungry! It's amazing how much you dont think about eating when you're busy :0)

I MUST have earned about 15, 000 000 0000 0000 0000 000 points for that lot...SURELY?!!!
I have counted some points for it all, not tooo many, just enough to justify all my hard work :-) I will take some foto's tomorrow and post them, I hope they show how hard I have worked!!

This is a pic of the dessert FB made me today..It was blimmin' lovely!! I worked it out to 5 points... we'll be having some more of them I can tell you! I do have to say I struggled a little to finish it, even tho it was the equivalent of my tea for this evening!

As you can see, it didnt last too long after all!!!!

Well, it's Sunday evening again...Which means it's the dreaded Monday Morning soon :0(((( !!

Keep up the good work :-)

P xx

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  1. I want your pudding LOL!

    Sounds like a good weekend!

    J x x x