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Sunday, 22 March 2009

I've not forgotten....am just rubbish!

Hi all,

In my last blog I threatened that I would be here to bore you more often...that lasted a long time huh??!

Still, since my last blog I have been very good with my points and have mowed my friends lawn, which is about 100ft long and 70ft wide, which was wholly satisfying :0) I went to WI last Thursday and lost 1.5lb.


After all of that hard work last weekend and then MORE mowing .... I only managed to get rid of the weight I put on due to TOTM???? ... Where the hell is the justice in that????

Yes it may well be due to increased muscle so we'll have to weight (get it??!!) and see......

I do sometimes get down about how much further I have to go. I went out with a friend on Friday to a Dinner and Dance. I had bought a dress that did actually look ok but didnt want to look 'over dressed' so opted for the comfortable black trousers and a top. I must have changed my mind about the top about 15 times. I tried on a suit I havent worn for about 4 years (good job they are mostly timeless!!) and it fitted quite well! I need to lose a bit more off of the 'stubborn stomach' to be able to wear it with just about any top but it's good news that I could wear it if I wanted to :0) Anyway, the tops...... I, as I am sure many of you too, have lots of clothes in my wardrobes (I have 2 wardrobes..1 for Going Out stuff, the other for Every Day stuff) but there's not much in there that I want to wear anymore. Some of it is now baggy, most of it I have had for ages and am bored with. Trouble is, I havent lost enough yet to be very sure of wearing a 22 comfortably without my bulgy belly spoiling the effect, along with my very obvious 'bingo wings'.


I am impatient and sometimes, when I'm having a 'skinny day', I am soooooooo frustrated that my body doesnt look the way it feels. I sit on the bed, facing the mirror, to put my socks on and all I can see is hips as wide as the Severn Bridge with a fold of belly over the top. No, it's not all as bad as it used to be, but it's still soul destroying when all you think of is 'how many points have I had today??' 'How many have I got left??' 'I'm not going to have that sausage/those chips/more bread because it wont help'. I know it didnt go on in 5 minutes, and that it sure as hell wont come off that wayeither, but just a little bit quicker would be lovely....PPPPPRREEETTYYYY PPLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE????!!!!!


It's Mothers Day and after being brought brekkie in bed I have managed to get away with doing absolutely nothing all day :0) :0) !! ( apart from reading Dietgirls Blog and catching up with this one!)

Fear Not Dear Reader; I shall be back on the 06.40 trip out with the dog tomorrow and altho I cant walk DD to school as have a doctors appointment, we will be swimming in the evening so I shall work hard at messing about with FB and DD then :0)

Onwards and downwards ....Till next time xxxxx


  1. I have those days too - when I think my brain's jumped ahead of my body - I find it cheers me up to try on old(er) clothes from before I started WW's and prove to myself that there is a difference. I also have a pair of board shorts that are too small that I use as a yardstick of my continuing progress - when I started they were a good couple of inches from comfortably doing up; now they do up ok, and I reckon another inch off my waist and hips and they'll be sitting pretty. Go look in that wardrobe now and try it - promise it'll make you feel better!!! xx

  2. Thanks Hun!!

    The comfy black trousers I wore on Friday I've had for ages and I infact wore them to the same 'do' last year...they are MUCH more loose this time. I have my WW card from this time last year and I am a stone lighter now than I was then so no wonder they felt really baggy:0)
    I should really get used to wearing more figure hugging clothes, it would probably show my loss much more.

    Thanks for your support :0)

    J xx