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Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Day of Reckoning!!!!

It's WI day today...the day of not eating very much and trying to use the loo as much as possible!!!

All was not in vain .... had a 3lb loss....YYYYAAAAYYYYYYYYY MEEEEEEE!!!

I've been chasing 2lb for the last coupe of weeks for my 3rd Silver 7 and now I am the proud possessor of the the elusive Sticky Seven for my card!!

I have another 4.5lb to go for my 10% and then another 1lb for my 2 stone...and another 7! Isn't it sad how as grown ups we've regressed to chasing sticky, shiny rewards for our achievements!!

I've had some gorgeous strawberries for my supper tonight and without any cream on...no sugar either...even bought some Elmlea low fat cream but once I discovered it was 1.5 points per tablespoon I decided to go without!
I even chose to have them and save some points rather than having a Twix....eerrrmmmm.... *can someone bring the real Jane back please*!!!

I feel so much better and as I've just said to FB when we go to Blackpool in August I wont have any trouble getting through the turnstiles! I went last year and although I could get through sometimes it was a bit of a struggle, which is embarrasing to say the least...not to mention not being able to get my leg up high enough to get on a carousel horse ride kinda thing and had to walk all the way round and leave the area before the ride started. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me :-(

Never mind that... it's all in the past...onwards and downwards :-) !!

P xx


  1. WOW a great loss! and well done on you silver 7!!!! I love getting my stickers too! LOL

  2. Oooh - well done Jane!!! And let's just remind ourselves - it's not the stickers we're chasing but all the little achivements they represent .... *looks distracted* ... oooh shiny things!!!! ;o)

    Have a fab weekend - you deserve it after that great loss - wish you hadn't mentioned strawberries though - I really fancy some now!!

  3. Lots of mini goals coming up - well done! The Blackpool turnstiles are a fantastic thing to think about and aim for!