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Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Weekend


OMG... what a morning...!!!

I walked my daughter to school, all was well and I was still on a high from getting my Silver 7. I was driving down the road and from absolutely NOWHERE came 2 dogs...straight out in front of the car. There was nothing I could do except slam on the brakes but I still caught the back end of the bigger dog of the two... It got up and ran after the other one apparently not hurt. I went back to find out where they had come from and discovered that the woman who owned them blaming the guy who was reading the meter for knocking on the door as the big dog is able to open it...LOCK THE EFFING DOOR THEN!!!!!! Luckily a neighbour saw everything that happened and was already talking to her and told her that there was nothing I could have done. I could quite cheerfully have slapped her, idiots like that dont deserve to have animals.

Other than that (as if it wasnt enough) the day was quite reasonable....was showered and in my pj's by 7pm,...total bliss!!


Nothing exciting today...I think I had about as much as I needed yesterday!

OOOOOOO....... Hang on...... FB, DD and I went to a 50-60's night at our local social club. I wore a dress that I could have either worn with leggings or jeans but I went all out and wore it with patterned tights!! I'm kicking myself now for not having taken a foto as I felt I looked really ok! I had put the front of my hair up in a kinda quiff and put the rest up in a ponytail. I had false eyelashes with sparkly bits on and it was all so much fun and for the first time in aggggeeesss I felt like I was as good/worthy/attractive as anyone else there. Good job really as not many people had made the effort to dress up and at first I felt like an idiot but then I thought..actually why should I feel like that?? If they cant be bothered and I look this damn good then why shouldnt I rejoice in that????
We are so hard on ourselves for so much of the time and although it's really hard to let go I think it does us good to do so whenever we can.
It was a very pleasant evening and I was complimented many times on my sparkly eyelashes so that was fun!!!


With renewed vigour I tackled DD's bedroom this morning. Anyone with a 9 year old may be aware of how much mess they can make...anyone without one..... BEWARE!!!!! LOL!! The place looked like a bomb had gone off but it really didnt take toooo long once we got going. Much to DDs disgust she was made to help and after some initial reluctance she was really very helpful and loves her tidy bedroom :0)
After a futile attempt to go bowling this afternoon, as there was a 1hr waiting time for a lane, we've had quite a lazy afternoon watching a DVD and we had KFC for dinner...all pointed of course!!! To be honest, these days I would rather have something like salmon and fresh veg ... anything with fresh steamed veg really!!! How much of a change??! Mind you, saying that, I have always loved veggies I just think I lost my mojo for cooking. Thankfully this has returned to a certain extent and when I dont have it I have my lovely FB to take up the slack :0)

Now it's time to make the sarnies for tomorrow, have a cuppa and go to bed...
Here comes Monday again :0(

P xx

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