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Monday, 2 March 2009


Evenin all!!

Have had a reasonable, if cold, day today :0( I forgot to take my jacket out with me as it looked so nice and ended up freezing like an idiot!

Went swimming with DD and OH this afternoon..why does the water always have to be so bloody cold?! When we get in DD always says to me "mum you're going to have the hump, it's cold in here!!!" Still, we had a bit of a giggle. I have to admit to being a baby where water is concerned..I have to make sure I'm in control and I dont like being under it for very long. That said, we ended up doing handstands in the water and with my goggles and nose clip on it was ok..you can only imagine just how fabbie I look with all my 'face furniture' on!! I often get funny looks from kids but put it down to them just being jealous :0)

Have had salmon and steamed veg for tea (no potato products) so have about 8 points left to use now..must mean it's time for a cuppa and a couple of WW victoria sponges..they are lovely! Could have had a Kit Kat or similar with the aforementioned cuppa but I feel like I'm letting myself down by doing that...how silly when I have the points?! A day without chips though so one to cross off the calendar :-)

I hope all that have weighed in are happy with the results and Good Luck to all those still to go!

P xx

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