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Sunday, 1 March 2009

LulworthCove :-) And Sunday....

Hi All!!

We had a lovey time yesterday at Lulworth Cove, I've never been there before and it's beautiful as you can hopefully see from the foto's!

We had some lunch before we went exploring and I had decided to have fish cake and mushy peas..without the chips! Unfortunately the guy didn't hear OH properly and gave me chips anyway :-(( I DID give 2/3 of them to OH so altho I havent managed to keep to my Lent promise I did make an effort to limit the damage.

It was very hilly there...It's not particulary evident from this pic but coming down here was a bit like being a mountain goat!!

The day was lovely, the sun shone now and again. There is a MASSIVE hill there and OH suggested walking up to see the view from the top.....

.......My reply was not repeatable in such refined company but suffice to say I suggested that maybe, just maybe, when I've lost another 3 1/2 stone, we'll go back and give it a go!! I shall have to make sure I've been on a xtrainer or something similar! It's going to be a killer on the calves!!!

We then went on to Poole, had a look around the pottery..gotta do it whilst you're there!.. and a long walk along the Quay. The Sunseeker manufacturers are there and the boats are something to dream about for the day the 6 numbers come up on the EuroLottery!

On the way home we decided we'd go to the chinese and the cinema. The chinese is an eat-all-eyou-like type and altho I had a little of everything I fancied, I was pleasantly full and I like to think I made some really good choices. Over the day I have only gone over my daily allowance of 26 by 9 points which I think is ok. I didnt have popcorn or any nibbles at the cinema as didnt need/want them, so I'm quite pleased with that :-)
We saw the new Clint Eastwood film Gran Tourino and altho I'm not known for being a CE fan it was a good/funny/arse on the edge of your seat/tears in your eyes kinda film....I would highly recommend it.


Didn't make aquafit this morning as havent slept well for the last few nights so made the most of it whilst I was sleeping! Have been busy sorting the washing (oh I hate the Sunday leading to Monday jobs :-(( ) and the garden and had to collect DD from her dad, which is an hour drive each way. Some shopping done inbetween this and now waiting for OH to finish cooking the dinner as I'm STARVING!!! I have accounted for my roast dinner and still have enough points left for a WW Victoria Sandwich with a hot cuppa for supper and with the points I already had saved I will be back on track with my points :0)

All in all a fantastic weekend and am still very much on track...how much better can WW get than that?????!!!

I hope you all are well and happy :-)

P xxx

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