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Friday, 27 February 2009

It's the lovely weekend again!!

Well helloooooooo my lovelies :0)

As you can tell I'm in a much better mood today...LOL!!!

Have had another busy day so have been saved from myself :0) My friend had chips for lunch (I resisted!) and had a ham and tomato roll, ww nachos, a banana and a ww blueberry bar!! My god I was stuffed after that lot, I cant believe how little it takes to fill me up these days, it's great!

For tea tonight OH wanted fish n chips..being that I'm abstaining from chips I insisted on having salmon with stir fry veg...it's becoming a staple part of my diet recently!! I cooked it for a change and it was DELISH! How virtuous do I feel having resisted the 'bad stuff'!!! I know I could have had something from the chippy but I didn't want to 'waste' points on something that wasn't going to benefit me..oh how times have changed!

I decided to invest (well, OH paid cos I sneaked it in the trolley!!) in a reasonably decent swimming costume for my aquafit. I'm fed up with having my belly flopping about whilst I'm jumping about like a mad thing... not to mention my boobs circling like UFO's on a mission of their own!!

We're off to the beach again tomorrow :0) Being that the weather forecast is good it should be lovely and i'm looking forward to the pub lunch...I may try a different type of fish like sea bass or maybe plaice/lemon sole..I'm getting adventurous in me old age!!

I hope you all have a fabbie weekend and stay on track....and if you happen to go over...there's always the rest of the week to catch up!!

P xx

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  1. Haha - I've got a totally comedy picture in my head now of you doing aquafit - what a way with words!!! lol.