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Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday bl@@dy Monday!!

Good evening all!!

I hope you are well and have not suffered tooooo much on this godforsaken day of the week!!

Have had a good day, all in all... used up all of my points and didnt have chips for lunch for a change! I normally have a small portion with beans and a slice of processed cheese (yummmmmmmy!) and always count them but have decided that this week I will find something else and only maybe have them on the weekend...let's see if I can manage it!! I'm thinking about giving them up for Lent, maybe going cold turkey will see me break the addiction and only have them occasionally??!!

The fantastic bargain dress I got yesterday is going back tomorrow...for the next next size down!! It's a bit of a gamble that it wont be toooo tight on my hips (I'm ALWAYS going to be a hippy kinda gal!) but I really need so much taken in on the boobie bit that I will chance it and see what happens. I've never had to worry about my chest area being so out of proportion..I just hope that my hips at least catch up some what!

We went swimming AGAIN today, think I'm developing gills! DD has swimming lessons and they are at the local leisure pool so we go in and mess around with her for just over an hour beforehand. It's not proper swimming but it's all moving about and throwing her around/carring her on my back/swimming under water so I think it's enough to count :-) I've also got 1.5 points on my pedometer so am happy with that.

I'll be going to aquafit again tomorrow so that'll be the 7th time in 8 days of being in water..enough is enough!!

Time to say goodnight, all of this exercise is very tiring!!

Take care,

P xx

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  1. Don't worry about the out of proportion thing - at this rate I'm going to end looking like a beach ball on two sticks - my weight's all coming off my bottom and thighs at the moment - waiting for stomach area to play catch up! Keep it up - all that swimmings got to be great for you!