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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A couple of days to fill in .....

On Saturday (Valentines Day) OH brought me tea and toast in bed...now anyone who knows me knows just how much I love a hot cuppa in my bed!! We went to the new Ikea in Southampton for a look round, I've not been to one before. Wouldn't necessarily go again either!

We grabbed a Mc Donalds as the restaurant was heaving (OH wanted the infamous meatballs but wasn't willing to wait for ages!) then went on to Bournemouth. We parked at Durley Chine and walked...and walked...and walked and ended up in Poole!! By the time we'd walked back and grabbed a drink at the pub on the seafront my pedometer had clocked up 7.5 points!!!

On the way home we called into Morrisons for something for OH to cook for me and had salad cart, salmon fillet and a small bag of courgette/sugar snap peas/fine green beans to stir fry with a small bottle of red wine to wash it down with....it was all flippin' yummy!!!

Sunday was spent chasing around collecting DD from her dad, housework.. all the usual gumpf that a Sunday entails :-( !!!!

Monday... not much to report.. ate well and stayed within my points...what a good girl!!!

I'm going to be much more organised and keep this blog up to date and I'll try not to be so camera shy so's I have lots of foto's to bore you all to death with!!

Till next time :-) !!!!!!!!!!!


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