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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Weigh-In Day......

Hi All :-)

Today has been a busy one... eventually got out of bed (day off!) and did some running around then OH and I took DD to the cinema to see The Secret of Moonacre (great for the kids...mind you..I really enjoyed it too!).

Had the foresight to pop some WW Hoola Hoops into my handbag so while OH was tucking into a HUGGGGGE box of popcorn and DD had Ben 'n' Jerrys Choc fudge ice cream (not a fan, so easy to resist!) I felt very virtuous with my snacks!

We went over to the Aquadrome and had some chips, of which I had just a few to go with my Tuna n Pasta Light Lunch then into the water we went...bbbbbbrrrr...it was flippin cold in there despite half the population of the town being in there also!!!

Once we decided enough was enough I just had time to shower, pop home to dry my hair and grab my bag for WI. Scales say I have lost 1.5lb this week...not bad really but with all of the walking on Sat and having made such healthy choices whilst eating out this week I was disappointed it wasn't more....I'm soooooo greedy when it comes to my WI's!!!!

I also have to take into account it's TOTM and so should be happy to have lost at all :-

Also a bit of a miracle.... I am now in the 17's....thought they were lost forever!!!!!!!!

Really glad we had planned ahead and that tea was already ready after the meeting as don't get home till just after 8 and am staaaaaaarrrvvvving by then! Still got 5.5 points left so am just deciding what to 'spend' them on!!

I hope all that have weighed in have got the results they want and to all of those still to face the scales...Good Luck!!

Jane xx

P.S. No further information re Case Study as yet, will let you know as soon as I know!! x


  1. 1.5lbs is a great result hun well done. sounds like u had a good day, keep up the hard work!

    ps. ur DD is just adorable! xx

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments :-) xx