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Saturday, 21 February 2009

I love the weekend!

Hi everyone :-)

I hope you are having a great weekend, whether it be a busy or relaxing one!

We made it to the coast...eventually!! Ever tried getting a 17 and 18 year old out of bed before 2pm??! Especially when they've been on the Xbox till 3 in the morning....ggrrrrrrrr!! OH and I took our DD's also...they are 9 and 14... what a great age range to be out with for day??!

We went to The Pyramids on the seafront at Portsmouth. The boys took off and did their own thing for a couple of hours.. think they are too cool to be hanging out with the 'olds'!! OH, meself and the girls messed around in the pool with the wave machine and on the slides...I was like a big kid! I don't usually go in for doing things like that, I normally get my huge a$$ into the pool and stay there as that way no one can see what's hiding under the water!! Today I thought... who cares??...I don't... and if anyone else does...TOUGH LUCK!!!

Legging it up the stairs quite a few times for the 20 second ride down the slide MUST have earned me some BP's!! I know the walking we did earned me 1.5 BP's as I had my pedometer on (sad or what??!!).

We had some lunch at the pool and I was hoping they would do jacket potatoes or the like, unfortunately they didn't, so I hopefully made the healthiest choice and had vegetable burger and chips...OH had most of the chips. I'm getting to be SUCH a good girl at giving them away!! Being a chip lover it's difficult but seeing the results of little efforts like that is much better than the very quickly forgotten enjoyment of eating them. Not to mention remembering the old saying- a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!

OH has cooked me salmon and stir fried garden veg again tonight (had that last wkend for Valentines day) and again it was Delicious!! Washed that down with a bottle of lager (all counted) and am off to watch a film in a min. We picked up a mandarin cheesecake earlier made with Light Philadelphia so in the name of research I will be trying that very shortly :-)! I shall let you know the verdict...at 4.5 points for a 1/6th portion it'd better be worth it!!!

Have decided I will be up and out in the morning by 9am to do my first Aquafit session tomorrow. I used to do them when I did WW last time and really enjoyed it, the instructor is lovely, so now that I'm at my lightest for a very long time I'm going to start going twice a week for a good ol' cardio workout and to tone up. I'm going to do my measurements before I go as it's about a month since I did them last so it'll be good to compare them next month :-)

I hope you all have a great evening, catch you soon!

P xx

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