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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Retrospective Start......

Hi All,

I'm Jane (obviously!) and have started this blog because my WW leader has asked me to be her Case Study for a year!! I have a terrible memory so this is a great way to keep track of everything. I've never done anything like this before so I hope it all goes well!

I'll be 40 this September and I want to have a joint party with my son who will be 18 and I WILL NOT be fat for it! This was one of the main reasons for my 3rd journey with WW. Third time lucky huh??!!!

Being that I've started this retrospectively I'd best start at the beginning..........

I joined WW on the 26th November weighing 19st 4.5lb...only 3.5lb less than the start weight of the last time about a year earlier.
I've had a bit of a slow start this time and for someone who likes to see results FAST this was frustrating! I think this is the reason I have given up before. Of course we all know that the 'eating plan' works but if you're looking for the sort of results I am it's nothing short of gastric band proportions! I was told I was mad for starting before Christmas but I saw it as a way of keeping things in check...and it worked!! On the first WI after Xmas, which was about 2 1/2 weeks, I'd managed to lose 4lb!! Chuffed or what??!! Have to admit to feeling very self righteous!

I have now had a steady weight loss to date...1st 4lb. I was hoping to have a 'clean sheet' with no plusses but have had 1 due to not eating enough...never thought me of all people would be able to say that!! I have achieved 2 Silver 7's so far and am hoping for 3lb off this week to take me to my 3rd :-) I will then have 6lb to go for my 10 % then a pound after that will be my 2 stone...this will be the most I have ever lost so I'm very excited!

I don't know too much about the Case Study as yet, will hopefully find out more from my Leader on Thursday...I will keep you posted!

Well, that's all for now folks.... next installment to follow ....... :-)

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  1. Case study sounds interesting, make sure you let us know when you hear more about it!