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Thursday, 26 February 2009

update for yesterday....

Hi all,

I'm going to write this one as if it was Weds as didnt make it onto pc last night :-(!

Have felt great today! I can really really feel the difference my 19lb loss has made..little things like still being able to breathe whilst doing up my shoesand the fact that my size smaller jeans fit a treat amongst lots of other little things!!

I've had a mega busy day...had a brekkie of shreddies with semi skimmed milk and would normally have a pear or banana at about 11ish but was soooo tied up with stuff I didnt even think about it! I eventually had my lunch about 2 o'clock which was 1/2 a can of Morrisons macaroni cheese on a piece of toast...yummy!! I was famished by that time!

OH suggested that we could have take away for tea last night and I said you and the kids can but I dont want any...OMG!!! ...someone bring the real me back!!!! I always used to be up for a takeaway...and yes I know I can point and count it...but I dont want to 'spend' that many points when I know I can have something much nicer and home made for less and it tastes a million times better!! I'm beginning to think there's something in the saying 'nothing tastes as good as being slim feels'!

My fabbie dress that I bought the other day has sadly had to go back as the bodice was faaaar too big and they didnt have it in a 20 so I echanged it for another dress I had been looking at and in a 22 it fits like an absolute glove :-) even with my jeans on underneath (lovely!) so once they're not there and I have my 'magic-hold-it-all-in' pants' on...it'll be very posh! I have a 'do' to go to next month with a friend so it'll hopefully look even better then!

It's WI day tomorrow. I wish I had a morning WI, it's murder waiting all day to have something substantial to eat! I must confess to a SP yesterday and the scales were showing 4.5lb off...I need at least 2 for my 3rd Silver7 so here's keeping everything crossed!!

Good luck to all those who still have WI to face :-)

P xx

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