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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

OMG... I'm a bad person :-(((((

Hello all,

I hope today finds you well and happy :-)

I have come to the conclusion that I am a bad person.....

I've just realised I've turned into a 'feeder'...one of those nasty people who feed others the things they crave/want/ themselves!! I'm not into giving massive portions or anything like that but I have found lately I tend to do things like buying OH the cakes he says he wont eat anymore in support for me... giving other people chips when I want them myself, things like that. Now that I've realised what's going on I shall be addressing the issue!! OH has just asked if that means he wont get anymore cakes.... MEN!!!

On a better note I have been angelic today!! I've stayed within my points, not had any chips (altho was flippin tempted!!) and have been to aquafit again tonight and worked blimmin hard :-)

I've had another realisation today....being in the 17 stone bracket now means I'm the lightest I've been since being pregnant with my daughter...and she is now 9!! Onwards and downwards to the weight I was before having my son which was about 15 stone ish. That sounds ok till I tell you he is 18 this year!! Alot to be said for losing babyweight :-) I actually think I'm still working on the puppy fat!!!!

I hope everyone who has weighed in is happy with their result and to all of those still to face the music....Good Luck!

P xx

1 comment:

  1. Don't look on it so much as "feeding" as living vicariously through their taste buds!! Doesn't look so bad that way then! On the positive side, think of the self-control you're exercising without even realising it everytime you have something there in front of you and give it away to someone else - you go, girl!!