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Sunday, 22 February 2009

All in the name of research.....!!

Hello all,

It's your friendly, if not a little crazy, blogger back for another instalment!!

Let's start with the research....

Yesterday OH and I found a mandarin cheesecake in Morrisons made with Light Philadelphia....4.5 points for 1/6th of a portion. It was DELISH!!! I even swapped my already counted 2nd bottle of lager for another little sliver! Needless to say, OH has a particularly sweet tooth so it was all gone by the time we'd finished but it was well worth it! The box has gone to the big recycling bin in the sky so cant tell you who made it, but I will be picking another one up tomorrow so will let you know then. They also do a lemon one which I'm sure would be as good, but I'm not a lemony person!

Today has been a good day, on the whole. I say that as when I posted yesterday I aimed to be up and out doing my Aquafit this morning... and I made it... which is obviously a good thing! I worked hard at it and can already feel a few unused muscles starting to make their presence felt :-)

I had to take DD for an eye test this afternoon and on the way back to the car we passed New Look and being that I've not bought myself anything for ages I thought we'd pop in for a look. Isn't it heartbreaking when you feel good, you know you are shrinking, the 'eating plan' is going well, you're feeling proud of yourself for making sensible choices...and then you catch a glimpse in a shop window of some stranger walking past. Only that's not a stranger...it's you...only NOT looking quite as good as you feel :-( Damn it!!
I think I would normally have grabbed a bar of chocolate to console myself with before WW but now it just gives me more incentive to get to where I want to be...not to stay looking like this. I just keep reminding myself that it didnt go on overnight so it wont go that way either, altho we all know how much faster it goes on...gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

On the upside of today, on our visit to New Look I got some bargains!! I picked up a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe dress (in black) that I've been keeping my eye on for agggggeeeessss and it used to be £28 ... I got it for £4!!!!!! I also bought it in a smaller size and although it fits quite well, the boobie bit is still tooooo big! I used to wear a size 24 but think, to be honest, I probably should have been wearing a 26 only I refused to buy the bigger size! I got the dress in a 22 and will have to get my mum to work her magic and take the top bit in...which I take to be a real boost. I bought a new pair of jeans, also in a 22 but haven't tried them on yet! I also got a light coloured lightweight jacket that was reduced to £6 so I'm really pleased!!!

We've had a chicken roast for dinner tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it, had a little bit of everything and am still full up. Whilst we were at Ikea last week I found some dinner plates that are slightly smaller than normal so picked up a couple and it really makes a difference. It looks like I have a huge dinner but it's really not.

I'm really happy with my efforts today...I have earned at least 3.5 BP's for my aquafit this morning and have now got another 1.5 according to my pedometer...I really really really want that 3rd Silver 7 this week! I'm achieving 1/2 a stone every 5 weeks at the moment and am finding this incredibly frustrating as with as much to lose as I have it should be coming off a bit faster than that. Oh well, as long it's coming off I s'pose that's all good!!

Enough rambling for now, it's bed time! UUURRGGGHHHH.....Here comes Monday morning again.......

Take care all,

P xx

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  1. Jane, I know the feeling - I swear those shop windows lie!!!! But obviously something is working because you've said it yourself - those clothes are getting smaller. It's funny because I find I don't want the weight to come off faster - I just want to already be in the future and have done the hard work ... tsk - wishing my life away!