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Friday, 20 February 2009

Wooo Hoooo... It's Friday!!

Good evening all,

I hope everyone is well and happy :-)

Today has been another good day...here's hoping there are many more! As long as they keep coming the weight loss is going to continue :-)

I read a blog earlier where there was a comment about never having been small so it's unknown territory... It could have been written by me as this is exactly my situation too..I have a few thoughts on this... Is it going to change me? Will it change the way people treat/perceive me......?? Very scary but a little bit exciting at the same time!

I'm now in the 17's so have dropped a point...YAY!! on the one hand but also I am very glad the weather is starting to improve as will be much more inclined to have salads and lots of zero points foods instead of using up my points on 'warm' foods!
It's going to be great when my DD goes back to school next week so that we can get back into the routine of walking to school with the dog, which obviously does us all the world of good.

I have lost 19lb so far and can certainly tell the difference...I can still breathe when I bend down to do up my shoes.. I can crouch down easier, all of my trousers are getting much looser, I can see the difference and I feel good!!! If that's how I feel now, surely it's just going to keep getting better!!

We are off to Portsmouth tomorrow go swim at the Pyramids. I'm still very conscious wearing a swimming cossie but do it anyway.,..I just keep thinking of the points used whilst there!

I'll be back to update again tomorrow :-)

P xx

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