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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I'm Bloody Ecstatic

As the title says....I'm over the moon today!!!

Good news to report....at last!!!

All of the members queuing to get weighed at our meeting thought it was a remake of 'When Harry met Sally' last night as I was on the scales giving it "Yes! Yes! Yes!" with much enthusiasm!!

I had lost 4lb which gave me my 3 stone....at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a long time coming (well, about 5 weeks but seemed like forever!) so all of the effort I have put in at the gym this week has been worth it :0)))))

I'm pretty sure I havent been eating enough and now that I have upped my points it would seem to be doing the trick :0))))

I've been to the gym again this morning and had my 2nd supervised training session. Jan, my trainer, has now included alot more upper body resistance equipment. My arms are probably the weakest part of me...apart from my stomach muscles! Talking of them, I'm now pulling 15kg on the Ab machine so that should make a difference fairly soon :0)) I've gotta say, I love the X trainer! I did a couple of extra minutes on there today.. I was working at 100rpm on it but actually find it easier to work at 110. Did step it up to 120 for a short while but reminded myself that baby steps are the way to go....if I do too much and hurt myself then I'll be right up the Swanny without a paddle and that will never do! I managed an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill too and had upped the gradient by another 0.5 to 3.5...doing pretty well just now :0)

Going to have a rest day tomorrow and just stick to walking the dog, now that her leg is getting better she'll be fine to take a turn round the block.

Well, being that it is 20.20 and I still have 9 points left, I best go raid the cupboards!!

Be good!


Monday, 20 July 2009

Thanks a bunch guys!!!

No one came looking for me yesterday...I coulda been lost in my daughters bedroom forever :0(!!!
It turned out not to be quite as bad as I thought it was going to be so that's that job jobbed!!

I have a couple of photos for you to see if you can see the difference between 2 years ago and now...I was about 3 stone heavier then :0( And had the nerve to wear a bikini...It was in Lanzarote so no one knew me!! At least I have it as a comparison for now :0)

I dont like having my foto taken at the best of times, not least with such little covering, but it's great to see that something is happening. I'm sooooooo impatient and want it all to happen so quickly, but am coming to the conclusion that it just isnt going to happen that way and I will just have to keep working hard!

I have WI tonight and went for my 5th session at the gym this morning....I'm not sure that there will be any kind of result on the scales as I also thing TOTM is looming....oh joy. I WILL NOT, however, get despondant.... I will take some of my own advice and just keep going, everything will catch up....EVENTUALLY :0))))))

Good luck for everyones WI's this week, I hope they are kind to you!


Sunday, 19 July 2009

'Easy' like Sunday mornings???!

Well, believe it or not, I was at the gym for 09.30 this morning!

"On a Sunday???" I hear you cry! Yesindeedie....on a Sunday :0))))))

I worked my considerable butt off...to the extent that the gym supervisor came over to have a chat. I think she thought I was about to have a coronary as my face gets REALLY red when I put in effort to anything! I was working hard on the Xtrainer at the time and although it was hard work talking to her I was pleased to tell her I love to put in as much effort as I can whilst I'm there and want to get as much as I can out of it :0)

Came home to a MASSIVE pile of washing up which is now done and the kitchen is ready for my brunch to be cooked :0))

I'm off to tidy my daughters bedroom...if I'm not back to finish this off later call in the emergency services!!!

Wish me luck :0$


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Bunged Up.....

Hi ya,

I've been for my last Colonic treatment of this course. I have not been following the food combining (no protein with high carb/starch..fruit to be eaten alone) that I had been doing (as per Gillian McKeith) and have been just eating 'normally' (!!) .... oh what a mistake it was to think that my poor constitution could keep up with such punishment :0(

My therapist commented that my 'releases' werent as productive as the last visit! She knew almost straight away that things were very different and asked what I had been doing differently. I told her about the lack of combining and she said that it doesnt suit me to not do it and to go back to that way of eating. Cut a long story short, I am seeing her in a fortnight and will be eating 'properly' till then to see if I can rectify the problems I have caused myself.

I have had 2...count em...2 NSV's today!! Both my therapist and my friend commented today that I look much slimmer and had I lost weight??!!! I said no, it's probably my going to the gym. If it's going to have that effect after just 3 visits in 1 week I will be going daily from now on!!

Talking of the gym, I can honestly say I'm loving it!! I think it's because I wasnt given a programme that kills me but it does work me flippin hard. I have my 2nd supervised training session on Tuesday which I'm looking forward to :0) I think we will be introducing some weights into the programme then, so we will have to see what results show from that!

I hope all is well with anyone who chances by this blog, thanks for reading :0)


Friday, 17 July 2009

Been a while, as usual :0(

Hi all,

Long time no see...as usual, I hear you shout!!!

Well, I have lots to report!

The new eating plan is going really well, surprised as I am to say it. It can be a complete pain in the arse sometimes as there isnt much chance of being spontaneous...Planning is the key but life doesnt always allow for that!!! I have relaxed a little on the potato side of things and allow a little as I now go to the gym...more about that later. I have had a couple of nasty episodes involving ice cream and chocolate...I wont be having either of them again :0((

I am going to Ringwood for my last 'treatment' tomorrow and there have been vast improvements in that department! On my first treatment, when the therapist 'shut down' the outlet valve and asked me to to let her know when the pressure was too much I only lasted 5 seconds (it takes approximately nearly a minute to fill the colon completely) so there wasnt much room around there!! On my latest trip, when she closed the valve I managed nearly 50 seconds before I asked her to open it!! WOOOHOOO!! My digestive system must be on the mend! I will be going once a month from tomorrow and do you realise.,..the next course of 5 will finish just before Christmas??!!! Where the hell did the time go??!!

I did my Race For Life on 21st June. I will be doing it again next year and really hope to be able to jog all of the way round. THAT will be a real achievement :0))

This is the 'before' shot
Looking fairly reasonable and ready for the challenge!!

This is the 'after' shot.

Looking pretty knackered, and feeling that way but very proud to have knocked 14 minutes off of last years time by running some of the way!!

I was given an Active in Health prescription by the doctor for our local Sports Centre a little while ago and have finally dragged my considerable ass down there and have had my induction. Jan, the instructor, is lovely and has given me a cardio programme to follow for now.
I do 10 mins on the exercise bike,
5 mins on the 'arm bike' (it kinda has a front crawl motion),
10 mins on the X trainer,
2 x 10 sets on the ab machine then
10 mins on the treadmill.

This doesnt sound much as I do alot of walking anyway but the intensity of these is quite high, I really get out of breath and really really sweaty! I do do more than just the one set on the ab machine as that is the part of me that I hate the most so I'm working hard to change it. I was even at the gym by 07.15 on Wednesday...never thought I'd see the day!!! I went again after work yesterday and I hope to be able to go tomorrow and Sunday. I have weigh in on Monday and have been this --------------- close to getting my 3 stone for about 5 weeks now so I'm hoping that the exercise will be the thing that makes the difference?? I have another appointment with Jan on Tuesday to add in some weights ..... bye bye Bingo Wings too, hopefully?!!!!

I have a new job now...still involves food and the worst part is when the hot baguettes come out....OH MY GOD I cant tell you how ABSOLUTELY bloody fabulous they smell....it's not fair....this wheat free thing really sucks sometimes :0((

Oh well, going to watch the rest of my programme then off to bed...have to get up early (for a Saturday!) and go out with the dog till my pedometer says at least top of 'healthy' range to start the day off right! Obsessed?? Me?? Dont talk silly!!


Sunday, 31 May 2009

Something a little different!!!

Hi girls and boys,

As usual it's been a while!! There's been lots of ups and downs (more downs unfortunately, but that's life sometimes) and a radical eating plan change to boot!! I am still with WW and using the points system to keep an eye on portion control but am now implementing alot of Gillian McKeith's menu plans and using her food combining techniques too.

I'm sure you will have read in my past posts how bloated I have been, and that is 99% of the time. Ive suffered digestive problems for more years than I can remember too :0( According to her advice, I have now cut out all wheat and dairy products. I have had a 'swelly belly' for 3 weeks and my WIs were just soul destroying...0.5 off...1lb on...0.5 off... I was just about ready to give up. I then went to my bestest friends house for an impromptu visit. She is now Vegan (I couldnt go quite that far!) but she introduced me to the delights of Houmous (which I never dreamt I'd like) and lent me her G McK books. I havent put them down since and have taken to the food combining in the hope that it will sort out my bloating/gas/bad digestion.

Along with the radical new eating plan my friend suggested having Colonic Hydrotherapy. I'd thought about it in the past but had never 'taken the plunge' so I looked up a clinic and went for it yesterday!! I chose this one http://www.ringwoodhealthclinic.com/
I asked for my treatment to be with the nurse called Jane Burts as she specialises in weight loss and dietary problems and thought I may as well make the most of the money I was spending on my 'Inner Beauty'!!! I had to fill in a questionnaire to clarify what ailments I have and what medications I take and from this she deduced that I should steer clear of dairy products and sugary foods....as well as the wheat! As if that's going to be easy, but if I want to feel better then surely it's going to be worth it??

The treatment itself, altho very peculiar feeling, wasnt at all embarassing/painful/awful. Jane was lovely and treated me with dignity at all times. She explained everything that was happening and answered my 1000,000,000,000, questions about both the new eating plan and the treatment as we went along. Unfortunately, due to a bad journey there and arriving late, I didnt have time for the whole treatment as we needed to do the initial paperwork so as Jane had some idea of what she was treating me for. Jane has advised that because the 'matter' in my insides wasnt put there in a day she wasnt going to be able to get rid of it in a day and has a very good deal on further treatments, so I'm going to have 4 more sessions over the coming weeks :0) She was very reasonable about the payment on this visit and adjusted it accordingly which was brilliant of her as the traffic problems were not her fault :0)) Other advice was to take a herbal remedy to help regulate my 'system' and to take some probiotics to also help and to replace the good bacteria that may have been flushed out. After wondering whether it was the right thing to do, considering where I had been and what had been done... I had a really healthy lunch of chickpea and couscous salads, corn thins (like snack a jacks) and houmous with carrot sticks!! I also got a '9 bar' which is made of mixed nuts and has a carob coating on one side...I'm addicted to them! Even if they are 4.5 points each!!

My friend advised eating little and often, which is something I can quite happily manage! I cannot believe how little I can eat now and feel completely satisfied...I dont know if that's down to what I now eat or whether my appetite is much smaller?? Time will tell, I s'pose :0)

I went shopping this morning and it took me about 1hr 40mins due to reading all of the labels so as to see what I can actually eat (!!!) and managed to find dairy\wheat free custard and chocolate not to mention jammy dodger biscuits...things may not be soooo bad after all!! I'm having mixed fish and butternut squash made into a fish pie tonight. The sauce is made of dairy free cheese and as I'm not to mix fish with starchy vege's the BNS does the trick beautifully :0)) I'll be having baby leaf and herb salad with it and a chocolate flavoured soya dessert for afters...life is looking pretty good just now!! Well, the eating plan is, anyway!!! (its just the bloody kids that need sorting now!!)

I cant wait to see what results of my hard work and planning :0))) ...I'll keep you posted!

Take care and be good,


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Wind of change......

Hi all,

As usual, I've been crap at keeping things going here so Im just going to get on with it!!

I am changing my WI day to a Monday officially from the Bank Holiday.

There has been lots of upheaval here over the last week ... major personal upsets and where I used to comfort eat I have gone completely the other way and dont eat at all. Although I would rather have found this out a different way I see this as a positive outcome! Things are on more of an even keel now so let's hope everything else can get back to normal :0)

I have left a post on the 5+ board saying how windy, bloated and downright bloody awful I have been feeling the last couple of days. I hope I can get rid of this by the time I have my last Thursday WI this week...I feel like a ruddy great BLIMP :0(((((((

I helped out at the Monday meeting yesterday and all of the members and other helpers are lovely so I'm looking forward to being there from next week!

I'm sooooo close to dropping into the next stone bracket and it's driving me nuts that it's staying JUST out of reach....aaaarrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!! My leader suggested that I drop a point now to get me over that hurdle so here's hoping that it will help. I have been moving my arse more this week and even had a go on my daughters scooter on the way home from school this morning!!!

Well my lovlies....here's to onwards and downwards.... :0)))

Jane xx

Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Weekend...and Flyball!!

Hello all,

After the disaster that was WI my resolve is well and truly established to get down into the next stone this coming week and to reach that 11lb off that I've set myself for 1st July :0)

Did some running around Saturday...one of those 'chase your tail and get bugger all done 'kinda days :0( Britains Got Talent was as great as always!! Ended the day having a Drifter to make up my points...what a shame!!

Had been browsing through t'tinternet looking for some help training my Staffie puppy (well, she's 16 months now and probably only needs training cos I was crap early on)

To cut a long story short I found a Flyball website. I had heard about this from a lady I see whilst out walking and it's very similar to a relay race over jumps, for dogs. I mailed them see if there was any criteria my dog had to fulfill to compete and there was none so after a great fone call with the lady who runs the team I agreed to take the pup over to see what it was all about!! Little did I know it was going to involve ME running about!! That was a bit of a shocker! All in all they are a fabulous team of people and I even got some training tips for my dog whilst I was there :0)) I'm really looking forward to going again but next time I'll be wearing tighter trousers (jeans kept falling down and nearly coming off when I was trying to get treats out of my pocket!!NSV?!) and definitely NOT a v necked tshirt as when bending down to catch the dog you tend to reveal a bit more than you intended to!!

I had my pedometer on and have earned 2 bonus points...if only they could factor in how much effort I have to put in to run...It'd be more like 10!! LOL!!..

With more structure to my walking the dog now I hope it'll show both in the tape measure and on the scales and have to do more bending and getting my arse moving a bit faster!! :0))

I'll keep you updated on our progress :0)

Off to bed now, sweet dreams


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Oh Flippin Knickers :0((((

Oh well...wanted to have lost 1.5lb to become a 15 Gonnabee instead of a 16st Wannabee but it just Wasntmeanttobeee :0(((( I put on 0.5lb instead. I think this is due to totm so all is not lost, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.


I have been good with my points and have been doing lots of walking with the dog so I will put it down to water retention and carry on pointing, walking and drinking my water and I will posting a 'Yiiipppeee' next week :0)

I am due to be mowing my friends lawn this weekend and it's huuugge so that should be mega bonus points! Not much else planned and as am skint to the eyeballs just now I'll have to amuse meself by taking the dog out lots!

Good luck to all who are weighing tomorrow and over the weekend :0)


Not a very exciting week....yet.....

Good morning all!!

Not a very exciting week so far..have been really good sticking to points and getting out with the dog for 40 mins in the mornings :0) I did change the routine slightly today and power walked her the looong way round to the park which included a long, uphill slope so that should have done the world of good!

I have WI tonight and am hoping to have lost at least 1.5lb so I will be back in the 16's (stones, that is, not size-unfortunately) I havent been there since before my DD was born and she is 10 now so I feel it'll be quite an achievement :0))

I must say, considering I have now lost 31.5lb I can obviously see a difference but I am still struggling to get into the next size down and I dont seem to have 'more' energy...I have the same energy level just less to haul about...if that makes any sense?? Does anyone else feel the same?

Well, best get my considerable ass into gear and get my DD ready for school....

Have a great day and I will post later how the WI went!!


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bank Holidays :0)))

Hey all :0)

I hope everyone is well and happy??

I have been very productive this morning! After my brekkie of Oatie Shreddies (I Luuurrrvvee normal Shreddies but am trying to steer clear of wheat products at the min as I feel they are giving me a bad tummy) I did two loads of washing, hung them both out to dry in the beautiful weather then took the dog out for 40 mins whilst DD and her friend played in the park. When I got back, I mowed my lawn. It looks soo nice and tidy when it's done :0) I washed up and cleared the kitchen then decided to treat myself to the WW 5+ boards for the day...and goodness me havent they been busy!!

I cant believe how many posts appear whilst I'm trying to catch up with the ones from the previous evening!! I have given alot of my own personal advice and I hope it will have been of some help to some..not just pointless waffle!!

For lunch FB cooked me a two egg, sausage and cheese omlette, which I had with mixed salad. I pointed it and it came out at 10.5 with the little bit of mayonnaise I had on my salad. A little high on the points side but it was realllly yummy and I loved every bit of it :0) Only downside of the omlette is that it turns out that the sausage we used doesnt agree with me so I now feel 'purged'!! Sorry if that is TMI for some!!!

For tea I have had toad in the hole (made with completely different sausages!) mash and mixed veg. I was plesantly full after that and will now be having small homemade trifle kinda thing that will only cost me about 0.5 points...perfect!!

We are hoping to take DD and her friend to Frensham Ponds tomorrow. It's a kind of inland beach where FB and the kids can swim and I can make sandcastles :0))) I dont do 'outside' swimming...faaarrr tooo cold!

That's about it from me today...in the morning I will be taking the dog for her/our exercise before going out for the day so I will have upheld my wish to keep more active over the Bank Holiday :0)

Take care and I hope everyone has a great Bank Holiday Monday!


Saturday, 2 May 2009

Well...as is the norm.....

I have been AWOL again :0(((((((

I, Miss Completely Bloody Unorganised, do solemnly swear that I will update this blog at least every other day, if not more.


Now to work......

I have had a great time on the WW plan from the last time we 'spoke' till now :0)

Went out to an all you can eat Chinese last Saturday for FB's birthday and over the day have worked out I had a total of about 50 points (am on 26 per day). I considered that to be very reasonable! I had a little of everything I fancied including crispy duck pancakes and thoroughly enjoyed king prawns in hot and spicy sauce with just a little steamed rice!

I havent managed to get to Aquafit for a while and am pretty disappointed with myself for that. I am, however, up and out with the dog every morning at 06.30ish for at least half an hour and walk round the huge park lots of times, more often than not making pretty patterns in the very dewy grass as I weave my way round it keeping up with the dog whilst she chases birds!! She hasnt quite worked out that no matter how fast she runs she will never catch them whilst they are flying...oh well...it's good for both of us!

I went to WI on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised..I lost 3lb :0)))))
I wasnt sure what to expect. I had been 'collecting' points since Sunday to make up for going over but had been reeeeaaalllyyy low on a couple of days. I SP'd before I left (on my WW scales, as I always do) and they gave me a good indication of what was to come but I like to get the final result at the meeting...which was confirmed :0)

I have 1.5lb to go to get into the 16's...somewhere I havent been for a veeeeerrrry long time. Like before I was pregnant with my DD..and she is now 10!!

I have been giving saving points alot of thought lately. I have always been much happier saving points before using them, but as I weigh in on a Thursday there is not much time so I have come to the conclusion that if I go a few over on the weekend, it's just as easy to regain them (I dont like to think of having to 'catch up') on the days before WI so that revelation has taken a weight off of my mind...pardon the pun!!

This weekend we have nothing exciting planned so I will get the lawn mowed...again!!..and try to get my friend to get his lawn mower back so's I can do his too and his garden is much much bigger than mine and terribly overgrown! I must make sure I get out with the dog, too. I tend to let this slide on the weekends and my DS takes her, when I can persuade him to. As much help as this is, it's not going to earn ME activity points so I will ensure I go. We are going to get the push bikes sorted too..there are some niggly problems with them that wont take long, but you know what it's like trying to get round to doing these things!

I'm completely focused at the moment and long may this last!! I have 18.5lb to go to get my 50lb certificate...saying it like that makes it seems SOOOO achievable!! I will, of course, receive 3 Shiiinnnyyyy Silver 7's in the meantime as well as my 3rd stone for my purse...how much more incentive can one person need??!!

I hope everyone is happy, healthy, drinking their water and having a Great Bank Holiday :0)


Sunday, 26 April 2009

Right my Lovelies

I've been a complete slacker with this blog...MUST TRY HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right people...buckle up...it's going to be a long one!!!

Friday 17th April....

We're off to Somerset when we've dropped my DD to school!!!
I have the hangover from HELL :0% ! All of that wine and merriment last night has caught up with my now...either that or it's my age! I had to ask FB to drive (altho I like to do it..bloody control freak that I am!!) We were using the Satnav and it was set to shortest route..so it took us through every single carriageway A road it could-bloody thing! Didnt it realise just how DELICATE I was feeling and the 'dodgy' driving wasnt helping one little bit :0((( !
We stopped at a filling station as needed to loo (not for alcohol elimination, I hasten to add!) and decided I needed something to soak up some of said alcohol that was poisoning my poor body. I ended up with a sausage and egg sarnie..I LOVE them and have denied myself so far but being that it was purely medicinal I believe it was totally called for!!! We stopped again not too long after that and I was still hungry so had an egg and cress sarnie and a pack of Wotsits...I really really should have planned ahead but being alcoholically (sp??!) challenged it just didnt happen! Once we EVENTUALLY arrived at Pontins (woohoo!!) and had a look round I did manage to choose some steak and a jacket potato for my dinner so I tried to implement healthy choices! And of course I was on water whilst we were watching the entertainment!!

Started the day off well with Shreddies and skimmed milk. FB had 3 pieces of toast with a can o spaghetti bolognese and 3 eggs. We decided to go for a walk and I pointed out a bakery just across the road..one of FB's favourite shops! He went in, I didnt even look in the window, I went and browsed round the shop next door :0) FB came out with a paper bag and said 'I bought you a cream finger doughnut'

W H A T??????

Did he honestly think I was going to poison this 'temple' with that rubbish?????


I thanked him and said 'no darling, thanks, you have mine' and he was pleased with that! He scoffed mine, his AND most of a cream slice too! He's not a small bloke but also doesnt put weight on no matter how much he eats...and he is definately a grazer! We had a browse round a little market and then made our way to the beach. It was fabbie..there was a whole bunch of horses on the beach for riding....how very Bay Watch is that??!! Except that we were in fleeces rather that those very fetching red suits! I had a short ride on 'Roger' (one of the horses...just felt I needed to clarify that!) and looked round for my FB. There he was, just getting a hot dog from the van that was also on the beach!! He'd never been on a horse before so after a little discussion we decided that we'd both go for a longer ride. We popped back across to the pub over the hill for the use of the toilet (all that bumping about not good for a full bladder!!) and went back and got it organised. It was brilliant!! I have ridden before so was allowed to ride without being led whilst FB was led by the lovely lady that took us out. She was very chatty and although it was cloudy and a bit windy it was like 1/2 hour of heaven :0)))))
We managed a trot on the way back...the instructor gave my FB a brief explanation of what would happen and what he needed to do and as far as I can gather he did fairly well! I think he may have encountered a few ups whilst should have been downs and vice versa, but all in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience :0)
We went back to the holiday park with jelly legs, as I was starting to get hungry by then (it was about 2pm!) Not many very healthy choices again so went for a chicken and bacon baguette. I did have mayo in it and unfortunately no salad :0( I had wotsits and water with that. We were going to go swimming for a while but it was shut 'due to unforseen circumstances'...Typical!! We found 'something else' to do for 1/2hr (!!!) then had a bit of a kip! We got Pukka Pie and chips for tea and had that whilst watching Britains Got Talent then we spent the evening watching the fantastic entertainment at the park. Even managed 2 1/2pints of lager!

We had eggs on toast for brekkie after FB had got up at stupid o'clock for the Grand Prix. Went swimming then sat in the on-site pub to watch the Tottenham-Newcastle game. They had an offer on in the bar of a pie and a pint for £2.99..so we took advantage of that...me once, FB twice!! All too soon we were packed up and ready for making our way home...dammnnit :0(((( We could have stayed till Monday but had to get back to get DD to school. We reset the Satnav to select the fastest route which took us down the M5-M4-A339...much better route. Or so it seemed. We'd only been on the motorway 10 minutes when it all came to a standstill :0( It was like that for nearly an hour (soooooo glad I used the loo like Mum always used to insist before we went anywhere!!) Eventually got going and after passing the minor shunt (dont know what all the hold up was??) and made good time after that. We decided to end the weekend on a high by calling in to the Toby Carvery in Newbury where we had a lovely meal rounded off nicely by Chocolate Fudge Cake and cream....of which I couldnt eat all of! Not sure that has happened before!!!

That'll do, I'm getting RSI in my fingers just now!!!

Sweet dreams,


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

From Thursday........

I went to WI and was happy to have STS this week...I didnt do much exercise over the weekend and indulged in a couple of cooked brekkies which altho were pointed, most likely had an adverse effect.

I went out with three girlfriends after WI. We get together every 2-3 months to catch up on the gossip and it was a fabulous evening! I have to admit to having steak and chips (altho only about 11 chips in the serving which was ideal!) and we managed to quoff 4 bottles of wine (mixed with lemonade) between us!! I'm blaming that for the fact that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my chocolate fudge cake with ice cream :0)) I didnt eat all the ice cream tho Miss, surely that makes me a good girl??!!

Luckily I dont eat much on WI day so I mostly had all of the points to cover this...the wine may have taken me slightly over but it was worth it!!!

Roll on the next get together!!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I have to say...I'm feeling pretty good!! And whilst I am I thought I'd capture the moment!

I have my 'skinny' jeans on again today and I am LOVING them!! They are a tad on the snug side but whilst I am standing up they look Fabbie!! They also fit everywhere (usually get lots of room at the waist-front and back-and snug round the tummy/hips) but these feel GREAT!! They will also last me a while as being on the snug side they have plenty of 'time' in them for me to shrink quite a bit :0)

Points are going well...I have been to within my limit but not over :-) Not one Easter Egg has passed my lips *grabs the Halo polish and starts shining*!

A bit of a NSV today...I went to see my friend that does my nails and the first thing she said when she saw me was 'ooooo look at you all slim and I can definitely see it in your face' :0) I Love Her!!

WI tomorrow...need 5lb off to get just into the 16's...anytime soon it will be MINE!!!!! mwhahahahahahahahahah!!

Well, off to bed for me...not getting any younger and need all the beauty sleep I can get!!

Good luck to all those still to weigh in :0)


Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday....

For a change I made an effort with my hair (straightened it as it's usually wavy and unruly) and put some make up on! I'm usually too lazy and FB tells me all of the time that I am lovely without it, so who am I to argue??!! LOL!! I have to say I felt quite good about the way I looked and had a fabbie NSV this morning too. I have gotten too small for many of my trousers/jeans but am not quite small enough yet to justify buying more so I tried on some 'skinny jeans' that I have had in the wardrobe for about 2 years and not been able to get them up my legs :0( They fitted!!!!!! They do kinda squeeze my spare tyre a little but otherwise they fit really well!! Even the jeans I bought a few weeks ago have a gap around the waist and at the back but these fit like a glove...I'm going to enjoy wearing them until they also become tooooo big!

FB and I had planned to collect my son and his friend from the New Forest and in doing so to make a day of it. As is always the way in our house, we ended up leaving later than expected!! We did manage to catch the fish and chip shop this time though so picked that up for him and I had fishcake and a small chips. Again, it was a perfect size portion of chips and I was completely satisfied after having them :0) I wonder if the guy in the shop was overpowered by my shiny straight hair and pink lippy as he gave me an extra fishcake in my order??!! Not everyday that happens and I'm going to take it as an NSV!!
As it was such a beautiful day we took our food to a carpark overlooking the sea, ate it in the car (I have been mugged by a seagull before, dont want a repeat performance!) then went for a lovely walk across the top of the cliffs. I asked my FB to take some foto's as have seen lots of
comparisons lately on the boards and wondered if any difference was visable yet...let me know what you think.......

I cant wait until there is a big difference! I am seeing some girlfriends on Thursday for our every-so-often meal and I havent seen them for a while so I'm really hoping they will notice a change as I havent mentioned doing WW to them!!
Here's to the continuing string of NSV's and the onwards and downwards of the scales :0)

Easter Sunday

A completely lazy day!!!
Again FB cooked brunch and was enjoyed after being out with my dog.

How is it that there is always BUGGER ALL to watch on a Bank Holiday??? Being that this was the case, I spent most of the day trying to catch up with all of the posts on the WW5+ board..and JEEZ can those guys post!!! It took me most of the day and the evening..barring watching The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas {HOOOOWWWWW harrowing is that film?? Especially bearing in mind that it is all true :o( } so I think I am more or less up to speed with the gossip and the ongoings/offcomings!!!

My FB had put a whole leg of lamb in the oven in the morning, just on a very low heat, to cook through slowly...oh wow did that smell good??!! After having had the brunch we didnt eat till about 7ish so with the homemade yorkies and roast potatoes (as well as 0 point veg) it was very very lovely and I was more than ready for it! I'm so lucky that he is always so keen to cook!! I made sure I pointed everything properly and it 'cost' me a fortune, but it was well worth it :0) I just about had enough points for a Tesco Lighter Choices mandarin cheesecake for supper...that sorted out the craving for something sweet and it was only 3 points :0)

I love this whole WW way of life! I must admit I would easily be the same weight, but most likely alot more, if it wasnt for doing WW as I am so much more aware of what goes anywhere near my hand/mouth. My FB is constantly grazing on all sorts of foods/cakes/sweets/chocolate and I have to admit I did to do the same but had to call a day to it all after a very short time as I was piling on the pounds while although he is a big bloke, he seems to absorb it all and stay the same weight he has been for years??!! Bloody men!!! I still dont feel deprived though. I know I can have whatever I want, I just have to 'budget' for it and it's allllllll miiiiiiiine..
mwhaa hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!


Some musings and Easter Saturday

Has been just lovely!!

The weather hasn't been all that but my daughter has been away with her dad and as much as I love her she is a complete energy drain, so it's been lovely to hand over the reins for a while :0)

I have been giving alot of thought (as prompted by comment from starfish264 on her blog) what being 'at goal' will mean to me on a day to day basis...

i.e.I have lived all of my life being the 'bubbly' outgoing one (always makes me feel like Fairy Liquid being described as 'bubbly') always keen to make fun of myself, firstly so that no one else can and secondly almost to apologise for being fat (she said it...THE F WORD!) Also, to hopefully ensure that people will laugh With me instead of At me. What happens when I dont need to do that?? When I dont need to justify myself for being overweight. I will only have my personality to 'hide' behind..but will that be enough?? Will people judge me even more on my appearance instead of possibly just assuming that as I am fat I must be stupid/boring??

I was contemplating this with my FB this morning and he suggested that as we are all losing weight sensibly and taking some time to get it right that the change will be gradual so we should become accustomed to how people perceive and treat us as our journey continues...what do you think?? I also wonder if it will change the way we see/treat our friends/aquaintances?? Do we have friends that may not always treat us as well as they should and will we be more confident and pro active enough to do something about it?? Sooooo many questions and things to think about.........

We dropped my son and his friend off to Milford on Sea for the weekend and decided to get fish and chips while we were there but had missed all of the chip shops!! I know a great place that does 2 main meals for the price of 1 so we called in there instead :0) FB had his fish and chips there and I had prawn skewers with scampi, chips and peas. The portion size was absolutely perfect...2 skewers with 5 prawns on each, 5 pieces of scampi, a handful of chips and about a tablespoon of peas :0) I thoroughly enjoyed it all and with the 1/2pt of bitter and pint of water I had to wash it down it was so delicious! Now, in the days before WW, I would have looked at it and thought 'is that it??' and scoffed it in 5 mins and been looking at the dessert menu. Not now, no way. I was completely satisfied with what I'd had and off we went home. A completely lazy evening followed and Britains Got Talent completely finished off a lovely day :0)


Friday, 10 April 2009

A Mixed Bag.......

Well, so far this week it's been interesting......

Had WI on Thursday and was sooooooo pleased!
After not feeling well and not up to doing the usual exercise as well as TOTM I was a little concerned about what would happen at the scales. I had come to the conclusion that if I didnt lose the 1lb I needed for my 2 stone then it would definitely happen next week.
I needn't have worried :0) After a bit of indecision on the scales part they settled on the 1lb loss (it would've gone to 1.5 but they were obviously not feeling that generous!!)


That's my 4th Shiny Silver 7 (oooooooohhhhhh shiiiiinnnnyyyy!) and another stone to go in my purse....to remind me of how well I've done!!

I really am pleased with this as it's the most I have ever done on WW (have tried twice before).

Good Friday
It has been a Good Friday too!! I got up at a fairly reasonable time (being that it's a Bank Holiday!) and took the dog out for 1/2hr. When I got home FB had breakfast just about cooked :0) It was a bigger brekkie than usual as had fat sausages rather than skinny ones but it was lovely, pointed and worth it!!

I went and got a Wii Fitness Coach this afternoon as had been sat on my considerable arse alllll morning catching up with 2 days worth of posts on the 5+ boards...amazing how much gets said when you leave them to themselves for any length of time LOL!!!

I thought I was fairly fit as I walk alot with the dog and do aquafit 1or2 times a week but they are small fry compared to the FC!! I was totally hopeless at the star jumps you need to do to find your optimum heart rate whilst exercising :0( It's only 2 mins but couldnt manage that all in one go. I completed the initial profile, tho, and then did a 15 minute workout..and altho it was not a long time, I can really feel that I've worked hard. The animation on the dvd is great and 'Maya' (the virtual fitness coach!) talks you thro all of the details and encourages you in the exercises. I wholeheartedly believe that this will produce visible results quite quickly :0) It's also a damn sight cheaper than the fitness board...I paid £17 in Asda. I have agreed with 'Maya' to do it again Sunday, Tue, Wed and Thur...which works out well as I'm going to Somerset for the weekend with my FB next Friday :0)

I had a hotdog this afternoon as was a little peckish and I wont be having one of those again!! Granted it was a large frankfurter type sausage in a lovely roll but it was 7.5 points altogether and no where near filling enough to cost that much :0%%%

I have taken the dog out for another 30 mins this afternoon so feel really good that although I sat about alot this morning, I have actually made up for it!!

I'd bought some frozen Quorn southern style coated strips a while ago so whilst the others had toad in the hole (which I would have had if I hadnt had the hotdog) I had 2 of the Quorn strips (1 point each) with mashed potato and steamed pepper, french beans, carrot and mange tout..it was all gorgeous!!!

I was feeling peckish so have just had some strawberries with a blueberry Muller Light yoghurt over the top...yummmmmmy :0) That has done the trick!!

I'd best pop off to beddybyes now as FB is nodding off on the sofa and we are taking my DS and friend to the New Forest in the morning then enjoying the day out whilst we're there :0)

Chat soon, Be Good!!


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Shame on me :0(

I haven't been here for ages...MUST DO BETTER!!!!!

Had a very rocky weekend...all due to my horrendous PMT :0(((( How the hell my FB puts up with me is a miracle and I'd just like to state for the record I love him to bits and really do appreciate all of his support xxxx

Took DD to the cinema Saturday morning to see Bedtime Stories (very good!). I bought her a cinema snack bag as I had already put WW nachos and a peanut and raisin bar in my bag for me (how virtuous?!) We went across to Mc Donalds and both had cheeseburger Happy Meals. In the 'old days' I would have had a large Big Mac meal and scoffed the lot...a Happy Meal is perfect now!! We went to a park in town and had a wander round. DD played in the park for a while, it was sunny but the breeze was a bit chilly. Being that I was such a miserable cow all afternoon I didnt have anything else to eat that day....naughty.

Went into town with DD so's she could spend her birthday money...we walked miles!! She's like a thing possessed with money in her purse so we went on a bit of a bender for her. She's only 10 so is doing well with the training!! I hadnt had any breakfast before we left...naughty again..so we went to the Harvester for lunch.
We had salad to start (as is the law at the Harvester!!) and I ordered the Chicken and Bacon Stack, knowing that I had lots of points to catch up on. I couldnt finish it!!! Again, in the 'old days' I would have eaten it all, with more salad, AND had something from the dessert menu!! No way could I have even considered a dessert, I was stuffed!!! I'm sooo happy with that! For me it signals that something positive is actually happening :0)

Once we were home and I'd had a bit of a sleep (well, I'm not getting any younger-40 in Sept!) I felt much better...the PMT subsided, the horns went back into the skull and the forked tail disappeared. I was human again!! My long suffering FB did us a cooked breakfast for tea (!!) which I thoroughly enjoyed and I HAD to have a regular sized Snickers bar to help catch up with some points...what a shame!!

I am now back on track with my points but as have been under the weather since Monday I havent had as much exercise as I would like to have had. I'm usually out with the dog for at least 30-40 mins in the mornings and would go to Aquafit on Tuesday....none of that until today :0(
Today is the first day that I have had enough energy to get up and out so please keep everything crossed for me that I have managed my points well enough to lose at least the 1lb I need to reach my 2 stone this week!!

Keep up the good work everyone :0)


Friday, 3 April 2009

At Flippin Last!!!!

Went to weigh in last night after having advice from my leader last week re eating too many starchy foods and not enough protein. I have had more eggs, cheese, ham, tuna and salmon this week than I think I've had in my life ......... and it worked......

I asked my leader for 4lb at the scales to reach my 10% (it's been such a loooooong time coming) she looked at my weigh in result....checked my card...and said...How about 5?????? Looks Like You've Done It!!!!!


I couldnt believe it!!! I was kinda pleased last week that altho I didnt lose any weight, my measurements showed that something was happening but this definitely topped it!! My Leader had me go up in front of the class to receive my 10% keyring and to show how loose my trousers are now... they used to fit me snugly when I 1st started WW now they are really loose and I can get both hands inside them!!! Time for a belt before it gets embarrassing!!!

I just now have 1lb to go to get my 2 stone and another Shiny Silver 7 as well as another little stone to go in my purse :0) I'm hoping that I'll soon have to get a bigger purse to cope with all the stones I'll be popping in there!!!

I hope everyone is well and Good Luck to everyone who still has to weigh in :0)


Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lazy Day :0)

Got up this morning to the sound of brekkie being cooked :0)
(2 thin grilled pork sausages, thick slice Tiger bread toasted, mushrooms, tomato, baked beans with an egg on top...yyuuuuuuuuuummmmmyyyyyy!!!!)

I said to FB I was off to Aquafit and would scoff it when I got back (only the sausages had cooked) as was feeling energetic but in my sleepy haze had completely forgotten that the clocks had gone forward an hour and being that I stumbled into the kitchen at 08.24 (clock not changed in bedroom) and the class starts at 09.30 New Time I missed out!!

Decided that having my cooked brekkie was the best course of action then got into the WW message boards for most (actually ALL!!) of the morning! LOL!! Eventually got off my considerable arse and FB and I had a lovely walk with the dog before collecting my DD from her dad.

Had a fabbie pork casserole for tea that FB had started in the slow cooker last night with another of his Absolutely Gorgeous puddings for afters (see Busy Weekend post for pic)

I think I have my faith restored again after doing my measurements and am realllly focused on having an amazing weight loss this week...I WANT THAT 10% keyring!!! It's only 5lb away...not a million miles!!!

Here's to another good week...Please be good and keep strong for your goals :0)


Saturday, 28 March 2009

Now for some Good News :0) !!!

Being that I was sooooo gutted at WI on Thursday I decided to look at my measurements again. It's been a month since last time so I was due to update.....

I measure as follows:

Left Arm
Right Arm
Bust (across boobs)
Chest (under boobs)
Left Thigh
Right Thigh
Left Knee
Right Knee

The measurements are different by this much:

Total 35.5 cms!! Or 14.2 inches!!

This isnt something to be sniffed at, I would say, and I have had my faith restored that things ARE infact happening and I AM shrinking :0)

So, all in all, everything is not lost and with renewed faith and the knowledge that I need to get more protein inside me.....here we go for WI next week!!

Onwards and downwards for us Ladies :0)


Been a while.....

Hi all,

It's been a while so here goes...lets see if I can get thro the grey matter enough to update all the goings on here!


Went swimming with DD and FB...mostly it's just messing about in the Rapids and doing handstands (about the only time I can get my considerable arse above my head is with the help of the water!!)


Another busy morning getting all my chores done in town..I walked from one to the other to get all I needed...hope all this marching about the place will show as toned gorgeous legs one day!!

Went to Aquafit with a friend for a change instead of going alone, which I really dont mind. The instructor must have been on speed again as we were worked really hard! I do feel knackered but sooooo much better for going and giving it all I've got :0)


Up early again and out with the dog first thing...when the weather is dry it's really nice to be out when it's fairly quiet :0)

Another good day points wise...have been earning about 1-2 points per day according to my pedometer (more than that for aquafit) as well so am trying to keep an even keel.

Thursday- - - - -Weigh In Day.......

Not so nice out with the dog today...bit of rain in the air but nothing too excessive. These days I even manage to run with her..not far and not for long at all but with my boots on it's all a bit ungainly!! I am hoping that as weight comes off I will be able to manage to do these impromptu leggits for longer and more often. When it's not wet anymore I will be able to wear my trainers too, so that may help!


Have been soooo focused this week with points and activity I was hoping to get REAAALLLLYYYY close to my 5lb needed for my 10%...... drum roll please......



Oh for :0%%%%%%%%%%%%% sake!!! What the heck is it gonna take to get some weight off this flamin' body???

I had words with my Leader and she suggested that I may be eating too many starchy foods. I am naughty about not eating enough protein ... am not a big meat eater ... but have noticed I'm not having the salmon, tuna and ham that I was eating to begin with so am going to address this issue over the next coming week.


Started the day with weighed Shreddies and banana. I havent been weighing foods till now so think this is probably going to be something that will help too. (Iknow I know...obvious really!)

I had a 2 egg omlette with a slice of cheese and a slice of ham in it with some salad so the protein eating is going well!

Had my nails done last night which meant a late arrival at home so got FB fish and chips and I had fish cake with a few chips bulked out with some veggies. Washed that down with a bottle of lager and that was me full, satisfied and happy for the evening :0)


FB popped to Tesco first thing to get ingredients for a cooked brekkie (I am soooooo spoilt/lucky!!) I had 2 thin skinless sausages, a rasher of bacon, an egg, a slice of Tesco's fabulous Tiger bread, mushrooms, baked beans, and a potato cake. It was FANTASTIC!!!! We had that about 10.30 and it's now 15.30 and I'm not the slightest bit hungry!

Going to have salmon and veggies this evening (no potatoes) with one of FB's fabbie desserts! I have opted to have strawberries and raspberries in my jelly instead of trifle sponges to make it less points (see post 'Busy Weekend' for photos!)

Need to go pressie shopping for DD as she is away at daddies just now and her birthday is Weds, so want to get them whilst little eyes arent searching the hiding places for evidence! LOL!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend..I'll not leave it so long next time (she says!!)


Sunday, 22 March 2009

I've not forgotten....am just rubbish!

Hi all,

In my last blog I threatened that I would be here to bore you more often...that lasted a long time huh??!

Still, since my last blog I have been very good with my points and have mowed my friends lawn, which is about 100ft long and 70ft wide, which was wholly satisfying :0) I went to WI last Thursday and lost 1.5lb.


After all of that hard work last weekend and then MORE mowing .... I only managed to get rid of the weight I put on due to TOTM???? ... Where the hell is the justice in that????

Yes it may well be due to increased muscle so we'll have to weight (get it??!!) and see......

I do sometimes get down about how much further I have to go. I went out with a friend on Friday to a Dinner and Dance. I had bought a dress that did actually look ok but didnt want to look 'over dressed' so opted for the comfortable black trousers and a top. I must have changed my mind about the top about 15 times. I tried on a suit I havent worn for about 4 years (good job they are mostly timeless!!) and it fitted quite well! I need to lose a bit more off of the 'stubborn stomach' to be able to wear it with just about any top but it's good news that I could wear it if I wanted to :0) Anyway, the tops...... I, as I am sure many of you too, have lots of clothes in my wardrobes (I have 2 wardrobes..1 for Going Out stuff, the other for Every Day stuff) but there's not much in there that I want to wear anymore. Some of it is now baggy, most of it I have had for ages and am bored with. Trouble is, I havent lost enough yet to be very sure of wearing a 22 comfortably without my bulgy belly spoiling the effect, along with my very obvious 'bingo wings'.


I am impatient and sometimes, when I'm having a 'skinny day', I am soooooooo frustrated that my body doesnt look the way it feels. I sit on the bed, facing the mirror, to put my socks on and all I can see is hips as wide as the Severn Bridge with a fold of belly over the top. No, it's not all as bad as it used to be, but it's still soul destroying when all you think of is 'how many points have I had today??' 'How many have I got left??' 'I'm not going to have that sausage/those chips/more bread because it wont help'. I know it didnt go on in 5 minutes, and that it sure as hell wont come off that wayeither, but just a little bit quicker would be lovely....PPPPPRREEETTYYYY PPLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE????!!!!!


It's Mothers Day and after being brought brekkie in bed I have managed to get away with doing absolutely nothing all day :0) :0) !! ( apart from reading Dietgirls Blog and catching up with this one!)

Fear Not Dear Reader; I shall be back on the 06.40 trip out with the dog tomorrow and altho I cant walk DD to school as have a doctors appointment, we will be swimming in the evening so I shall work hard at messing about with FB and DD then :0)

Onwards and downwards ....Till next time xxxxx

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

There's a pattern forming here........!

I've just realised there is a pattern forming for my blogs...as in...posting every other day! This is probably a good thing as left toooo much to my own devices I will tend to ramble on about any old thing so best left till I have something sensible to say!!


Mostly spent the day trying to make my legs operate sufficiently to get around after all my efforts in the garden over the weekend! Trying to dig those damn bramble roots out really got to the back of my thighs and I have been walking like I've just got off a horse for the first time in a week! LOL!!! Did ok on points but have been feeling 'fat'... probably due to TOTM.


One hell of a busy day!!
I was out with the dog at 06.40 for about 1/2hr, walked to school with DD and had to make a detour to collect her friend as her mum wasn't well. Went into town where I had loads of errands to run and whilst in town I parked at one end and had to walk for miles to get all that I needed to done. By the time I had finished I had clocked up 6.5 points on my pedometer!! Later in the afternoon, after collecting DD from school, I went to a friends and mowed their lawn. Great, I hear you say...so what??! Well, it's about 100 ft long by about 70ft wide and this was the first cut of the year! I can honestly say I'm really quite glad they've got a driven petrol mower as this makes it a little easier. Being that I will probably get the job to do every fortnight or so I shall be greatful by the end of the season!! Not to mention having biceps and calves like Arnie!!

I can honestly say I'm shattered so will make my well earned cuppa and pop off to bed....

Sweet Dreams :0)

P xx

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Busy Weekend.....

Being that the sun was shining I 'got the bug' and started on the garden!

Shame I didnt take any 'before' pictures but suffice to say that I hadn't done anything with any of the bushes underneath the sitting room window and I'd stupidly left the cutting down of my huge Buddlia to 2 teenage boys...hhmmm... I should know better at my age! The remnants of that were strewn over the lawn and had been there for the last 2 weeks... the whole place looked like Steptoe's Yard!!

I borrowed my dad's shredder and was out till it was dark getting rid of the cutting I had done of the bushes along with the Buddlia. I had to go to B&Q to replace some loppers and a garden fork as I had broken both of them! The fork bit the dust as I was trying to get some bramble bush roots out...them beggars go for miles! They do the world of good for your muscles though... I now have muscles I didnt know existed!

FB got the new Leonardo DiCaprio film to watch and I think I managed to make it through about 20 mins, it was really slow and hard going so I kept nodding off! I was flippin' knackered after all my efforts in the garden... we eventually went to bed at 11.30 and I went straight back to sleep :0)


After waking at a reasonable time FB and I took the dog over to the park for 1/2hr. There was some looney over there knocking a golf ball about, which is no great problem, except twice the ball landed about 5 feet from me...I was NOT best impressed. Good job the flamin' idiot was right over the other side of the park or he may just have had to have a piece of my tiny mind!

After that I was back in the garden finishing off my shredding, (whilst trying to avoid a fire in the machine as it was blocked and smoking!!) spreading that about across the top border then being treated to a cooked brekkie which we ate outside!! FB did me WW bacon, mushrooms, tomato, egg, baked beans and a slice of toast..YUMMY YUM YUM!!!!
Had that at about 10.30 and after digging what is meant to be my rose garden (bl**dy puppy keeps chewing my plants :0% ), digging the rest of the borders, mowing the lawn a couple of times to take it down to a reasonable length (after checking the oil as it's not been used since last year...god I'm such a bloke sometimes!!), chucking all the used items/rubbish out for collection, it had got to about 4.30 and I was starting to get hungry! It's amazing how much you dont think about eating when you're busy :0)

I MUST have earned about 15, 000 000 0000 0000 0000 000 points for that lot...SURELY?!!!
I have counted some points for it all, not tooo many, just enough to justify all my hard work :-) I will take some foto's tomorrow and post them, I hope they show how hard I have worked!!

This is a pic of the dessert FB made me today..It was blimmin' lovely!! I worked it out to 5 points... we'll be having some more of them I can tell you! I do have to say I struggled a little to finish it, even tho it was the equivalent of my tea for this evening!

As you can see, it didnt last too long after all!!!!

Well, it's Sunday evening again...Which means it's the dreaded Monday Morning soon :0(((( !!

Keep up the good work :-)

P xx