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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Right my Lovelies

I've been a complete slacker with this blog...MUST TRY HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right people...buckle up...it's going to be a long one!!!

Friday 17th April....

We're off to Somerset when we've dropped my DD to school!!!
I have the hangover from HELL :0% ! All of that wine and merriment last night has caught up with my now...either that or it's my age! I had to ask FB to drive (altho I like to do it..bloody control freak that I am!!) We were using the Satnav and it was set to shortest route..so it took us through every single carriageway A road it could-bloody thing! Didnt it realise just how DELICATE I was feeling and the 'dodgy' driving wasnt helping one little bit :0((( !
We stopped at a filling station as needed to loo (not for alcohol elimination, I hasten to add!) and decided I needed something to soak up some of said alcohol that was poisoning my poor body. I ended up with a sausage and egg sarnie..I LOVE them and have denied myself so far but being that it was purely medicinal I believe it was totally called for!!! We stopped again not too long after that and I was still hungry so had an egg and cress sarnie and a pack of Wotsits...I really really should have planned ahead but being alcoholically (sp??!) challenged it just didnt happen! Once we EVENTUALLY arrived at Pontins (woohoo!!) and had a look round I did manage to choose some steak and a jacket potato for my dinner so I tried to implement healthy choices! And of course I was on water whilst we were watching the entertainment!!

Started the day off well with Shreddies and skimmed milk. FB had 3 pieces of toast with a can o spaghetti bolognese and 3 eggs. We decided to go for a walk and I pointed out a bakery just across the road..one of FB's favourite shops! He went in, I didnt even look in the window, I went and browsed round the shop next door :0) FB came out with a paper bag and said 'I bought you a cream finger doughnut'

W H A T??????

Did he honestly think I was going to poison this 'temple' with that rubbish?????


I thanked him and said 'no darling, thanks, you have mine' and he was pleased with that! He scoffed mine, his AND most of a cream slice too! He's not a small bloke but also doesnt put weight on no matter how much he eats...and he is definately a grazer! We had a browse round a little market and then made our way to the beach. It was fabbie..there was a whole bunch of horses on the beach for riding....how very Bay Watch is that??!! Except that we were in fleeces rather that those very fetching red suits! I had a short ride on 'Roger' (one of the horses...just felt I needed to clarify that!) and looked round for my FB. There he was, just getting a hot dog from the van that was also on the beach!! He'd never been on a horse before so after a little discussion we decided that we'd both go for a longer ride. We popped back across to the pub over the hill for the use of the toilet (all that bumping about not good for a full bladder!!) and went back and got it organised. It was brilliant!! I have ridden before so was allowed to ride without being led whilst FB was led by the lovely lady that took us out. She was very chatty and although it was cloudy and a bit windy it was like 1/2 hour of heaven :0)))))
We managed a trot on the way back...the instructor gave my FB a brief explanation of what would happen and what he needed to do and as far as I can gather he did fairly well! I think he may have encountered a few ups whilst should have been downs and vice versa, but all in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience :0)
We went back to the holiday park with jelly legs, as I was starting to get hungry by then (it was about 2pm!) Not many very healthy choices again so went for a chicken and bacon baguette. I did have mayo in it and unfortunately no salad :0( I had wotsits and water with that. We were going to go swimming for a while but it was shut 'due to unforseen circumstances'...Typical!! We found 'something else' to do for 1/2hr (!!!) then had a bit of a kip! We got Pukka Pie and chips for tea and had that whilst watching Britains Got Talent then we spent the evening watching the fantastic entertainment at the park. Even managed 2 1/2pints of lager!

We had eggs on toast for brekkie after FB had got up at stupid o'clock for the Grand Prix. Went swimming then sat in the on-site pub to watch the Tottenham-Newcastle game. They had an offer on in the bar of a pie and a pint for £2.99..so we took advantage of that...me once, FB twice!! All too soon we were packed up and ready for making our way home...dammnnit :0(((( We could have stayed till Monday but had to get back to get DD to school. We reset the Satnav to select the fastest route which took us down the M5-M4-A339...much better route. Or so it seemed. We'd only been on the motorway 10 minutes when it all came to a standstill :0( It was like that for nearly an hour (soooooo glad I used the loo like Mum always used to insist before we went anywhere!!) Eventually got going and after passing the minor shunt (dont know what all the hold up was??) and made good time after that. We decided to end the weekend on a high by calling in to the Toby Carvery in Newbury where we had a lovely meal rounded off nicely by Chocolate Fudge Cake and cream....of which I couldnt eat all of! Not sure that has happened before!!!

That'll do, I'm getting RSI in my fingers just now!!!

Sweet dreams,


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