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Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I have to say...I'm feeling pretty good!! And whilst I am I thought I'd capture the moment!

I have my 'skinny' jeans on again today and I am LOVING them!! They are a tad on the snug side but whilst I am standing up they look Fabbie!! They also fit everywhere (usually get lots of room at the waist-front and back-and snug round the tummy/hips) but these feel GREAT!! They will also last me a while as being on the snug side they have plenty of 'time' in them for me to shrink quite a bit :0)

Points are going well...I have been to within my limit but not over :-) Not one Easter Egg has passed my lips *grabs the Halo polish and starts shining*!

A bit of a NSV today...I went to see my friend that does my nails and the first thing she said when she saw me was 'ooooo look at you all slim and I can definitely see it in your face' :0) I Love Her!!

WI tomorrow...need 5lb off to get just into the 16's...anytime soon it will be MINE!!!!! mwhahahahahahahahahah!!

Well, off to bed for me...not getting any younger and need all the beauty sleep I can get!!

Good luck to all those still to weigh in :0)


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  1. Yay - good to see you so upbeat! I'm sure the jeans look great, in fact you'll probably be gutted when they start getting loose as they won't fit the same .... but in a nice way!! I can't quite bring myself to start on my Easter chocolate either, in fact, I still haven't finished the Christmas biscuits - think maybe I'd better donate them to a good cause! Sue xx