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Friday, 3 April 2009

At Flippin Last!!!!

Went to weigh in last night after having advice from my leader last week re eating too many starchy foods and not enough protein. I have had more eggs, cheese, ham, tuna and salmon this week than I think I've had in my life ......... and it worked......

I asked my leader for 4lb at the scales to reach my 10% (it's been such a loooooong time coming) she looked at my weigh in result....checked my card...and said...How about 5?????? Looks Like You've Done It!!!!!


I couldnt believe it!!! I was kinda pleased last week that altho I didnt lose any weight, my measurements showed that something was happening but this definitely topped it!! My Leader had me go up in front of the class to receive my 10% keyring and to show how loose my trousers are now... they used to fit me snugly when I 1st started WW now they are really loose and I can get both hands inside them!!! Time for a belt before it gets embarrassing!!!

I just now have 1lb to go to get my 2 stone and another Shiny Silver 7 as well as another little stone to go in my purse :0) I'm hoping that I'll soon have to get a bigger purse to cope with all the stones I'll be popping in there!!!

I hope everyone is well and Good Luck to everyone who still has to weigh in :0)



  1. Fantastic - that's really well done!!! Come on the 2 stone!!

  2. Soon your purse will be too heavy to keep stones in there! Well done :o)