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Monday, 13 April 2009

Some musings and Easter Saturday

Has been just lovely!!

The weather hasn't been all that but my daughter has been away with her dad and as much as I love her she is a complete energy drain, so it's been lovely to hand over the reins for a while :0)

I have been giving alot of thought (as prompted by comment from starfish264 on her blog) what being 'at goal' will mean to me on a day to day basis...

i.e.I have lived all of my life being the 'bubbly' outgoing one (always makes me feel like Fairy Liquid being described as 'bubbly') always keen to make fun of myself, firstly so that no one else can and secondly almost to apologise for being fat (she said it...THE F WORD!) Also, to hopefully ensure that people will laugh With me instead of At me. What happens when I dont need to do that?? When I dont need to justify myself for being overweight. I will only have my personality to 'hide' behind..but will that be enough?? Will people judge me even more on my appearance instead of possibly just assuming that as I am fat I must be stupid/boring??

I was contemplating this with my FB this morning and he suggested that as we are all losing weight sensibly and taking some time to get it right that the change will be gradual so we should become accustomed to how people perceive and treat us as our journey continues...what do you think?? I also wonder if it will change the way we see/treat our friends/aquaintances?? Do we have friends that may not always treat us as well as they should and will we be more confident and pro active enough to do something about it?? Sooooo many questions and things to think about.........

We dropped my son and his friend off to Milford on Sea for the weekend and decided to get fish and chips while we were there but had missed all of the chip shops!! I know a great place that does 2 main meals for the price of 1 so we called in there instead :0) FB had his fish and chips there and I had prawn skewers with scampi, chips and peas. The portion size was absolutely perfect...2 skewers with 5 prawns on each, 5 pieces of scampi, a handful of chips and about a tablespoon of peas :0) I thoroughly enjoyed it all and with the 1/2pt of bitter and pint of water I had to wash it down it was so delicious! Now, in the days before WW, I would have looked at it and thought 'is that it??' and scoffed it in 5 mins and been looking at the dessert menu. Not now, no way. I was completely satisfied with what I'd had and off we went home. A completely lazy evening followed and Britains Got Talent completely finished off a lovely day :0)


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