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Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Sunday

A completely lazy day!!!
Again FB cooked brunch and was enjoyed after being out with my dog.

How is it that there is always BUGGER ALL to watch on a Bank Holiday??? Being that this was the case, I spent most of the day trying to catch up with all of the posts on the WW5+ board..and JEEZ can those guys post!!! It took me most of the day and the evening..barring watching The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas {HOOOOWWWWW harrowing is that film?? Especially bearing in mind that it is all true :o( } so I think I am more or less up to speed with the gossip and the ongoings/offcomings!!!

My FB had put a whole leg of lamb in the oven in the morning, just on a very low heat, to cook through slowly...oh wow did that smell good??!! After having had the brunch we didnt eat till about 7ish so with the homemade yorkies and roast potatoes (as well as 0 point veg) it was very very lovely and I was more than ready for it! I'm so lucky that he is always so keen to cook!! I made sure I pointed everything properly and it 'cost' me a fortune, but it was well worth it :0) I just about had enough points for a Tesco Lighter Choices mandarin cheesecake for supper...that sorted out the craving for something sweet and it was only 3 points :0)

I love this whole WW way of life! I must admit I would easily be the same weight, but most likely alot more, if it wasnt for doing WW as I am so much more aware of what goes anywhere near my hand/mouth. My FB is constantly grazing on all sorts of foods/cakes/sweets/chocolate and I have to admit I did to do the same but had to call a day to it all after a very short time as I was piling on the pounds while although he is a big bloke, he seems to absorb it all and stay the same weight he has been for years??!! Bloody men!!! I still dont feel deprived though. I know I can have whatever I want, I just have to 'budget' for it and it's allllllll miiiiiiiine..
mwhaa hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!


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