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Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday....

For a change I made an effort with my hair (straightened it as it's usually wavy and unruly) and put some make up on! I'm usually too lazy and FB tells me all of the time that I am lovely without it, so who am I to argue??!! LOL!! I have to say I felt quite good about the way I looked and had a fabbie NSV this morning too. I have gotten too small for many of my trousers/jeans but am not quite small enough yet to justify buying more so I tried on some 'skinny jeans' that I have had in the wardrobe for about 2 years and not been able to get them up my legs :0( They fitted!!!!!! They do kinda squeeze my spare tyre a little but otherwise they fit really well!! Even the jeans I bought a few weeks ago have a gap around the waist and at the back but these fit like a glove...I'm going to enjoy wearing them until they also become tooooo big!

FB and I had planned to collect my son and his friend from the New Forest and in doing so to make a day of it. As is always the way in our house, we ended up leaving later than expected!! We did manage to catch the fish and chip shop this time though so picked that up for him and I had fishcake and a small chips. Again, it was a perfect size portion of chips and I was completely satisfied after having them :0) I wonder if the guy in the shop was overpowered by my shiny straight hair and pink lippy as he gave me an extra fishcake in my order??!! Not everyday that happens and I'm going to take it as an NSV!!
As it was such a beautiful day we took our food to a carpark overlooking the sea, ate it in the car (I have been mugged by a seagull before, dont want a repeat performance!) then went for a lovely walk across the top of the cliffs. I asked my FB to take some foto's as have seen lots of
comparisons lately on the boards and wondered if any difference was visable yet...let me know what you think.......

I cant wait until there is a big difference! I am seeing some girlfriends on Thursday for our every-so-often meal and I havent seen them for a while so I'm really hoping they will notice a change as I havent mentioned doing WW to them!!
Here's to the continuing string of NSV's and the onwards and downwards of the scales :0)


  1. Yes, I think there is a difference, but it's the change in your confidence that strikes me more than anything else. I mean look at it - in the first one your hands are held in front of you in conciliatory fashion, and you've kind of got a bit of shy smile on your face, the second one though - head held high, hands behind your back, nothing to hide - I like it!!

  2. You can definetely see a difference, especially around your face, neck and shoulders. Well done!!


  3. You look like the first pictures daughter!!!!!!

    You can really really see a difference!