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Friday, 10 April 2009

A Mixed Bag.......

Well, so far this week it's been interesting......

Had WI on Thursday and was sooooooo pleased!
After not feeling well and not up to doing the usual exercise as well as TOTM I was a little concerned about what would happen at the scales. I had come to the conclusion that if I didnt lose the 1lb I needed for my 2 stone then it would definitely happen next week.
I needn't have worried :0) After a bit of indecision on the scales part they settled on the 1lb loss (it would've gone to 1.5 but they were obviously not feeling that generous!!)


That's my 4th Shiny Silver 7 (oooooooohhhhhh shiiiiinnnnyyyy!) and another stone to go in my purse....to remind me of how well I've done!!

I really am pleased with this as it's the most I have ever done on WW (have tried twice before).

Good Friday
It has been a Good Friday too!! I got up at a fairly reasonable time (being that it's a Bank Holiday!) and took the dog out for 1/2hr. When I got home FB had breakfast just about cooked :0) It was a bigger brekkie than usual as had fat sausages rather than skinny ones but it was lovely, pointed and worth it!!

I went and got a Wii Fitness Coach this afternoon as had been sat on my considerable arse alllll morning catching up with 2 days worth of posts on the 5+ boards...amazing how much gets said when you leave them to themselves for any length of time LOL!!!

I thought I was fairly fit as I walk alot with the dog and do aquafit 1or2 times a week but they are small fry compared to the FC!! I was totally hopeless at the star jumps you need to do to find your optimum heart rate whilst exercising :0( It's only 2 mins but couldnt manage that all in one go. I completed the initial profile, tho, and then did a 15 minute workout..and altho it was not a long time, I can really feel that I've worked hard. The animation on the dvd is great and 'Maya' (the virtual fitness coach!) talks you thro all of the details and encourages you in the exercises. I wholeheartedly believe that this will produce visible results quite quickly :0) It's also a damn sight cheaper than the fitness board...I paid £17 in Asda. I have agreed with 'Maya' to do it again Sunday, Tue, Wed and Thur...which works out well as I'm going to Somerset for the weekend with my FB next Friday :0)

I had a hotdog this afternoon as was a little peckish and I wont be having one of those again!! Granted it was a large frankfurter type sausage in a lovely roll but it was 7.5 points altogether and no where near filling enough to cost that much :0%%%

I have taken the dog out for another 30 mins this afternoon so feel really good that although I sat about alot this morning, I have actually made up for it!!

I'd bought some frozen Quorn southern style coated strips a while ago so whilst the others had toad in the hole (which I would have had if I hadnt had the hotdog) I had 2 of the Quorn strips (1 point each) with mashed potato and steamed pepper, french beans, carrot and mange tout..it was all gorgeous!!!

I was feeling peckish so have just had some strawberries with a blueberry Muller Light yoghurt over the top...yummmmmmy :0) That has done the trick!!

I'd best pop off to beddybyes now as FB is nodding off on the sofa and we are taking my DS and friend to the New Forest in the morning then enjoying the day out whilst we're there :0)

Chat soon, Be Good!!


1 comment:

  1. Sympathies on the hot dog front - I had similar disappointment with a burger this weekend - I'm sure they all used to taste good - what happened???

    Sounds like you've had a great weekend, and congrats on the loss and the star (stone). xx