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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Shame on me :0(

I haven't been here for ages...MUST DO BETTER!!!!!

Had a very rocky weekend...all due to my horrendous PMT :0(((( How the hell my FB puts up with me is a miracle and I'd just like to state for the record I love him to bits and really do appreciate all of his support xxxx

Took DD to the cinema Saturday morning to see Bedtime Stories (very good!). I bought her a cinema snack bag as I had already put WW nachos and a peanut and raisin bar in my bag for me (how virtuous?!) We went across to Mc Donalds and both had cheeseburger Happy Meals. In the 'old days' I would have had a large Big Mac meal and scoffed the lot...a Happy Meal is perfect now!! We went to a park in town and had a wander round. DD played in the park for a while, it was sunny but the breeze was a bit chilly. Being that I was such a miserable cow all afternoon I didnt have anything else to eat that day....naughty.

Went into town with DD so's she could spend her birthday money...we walked miles!! She's like a thing possessed with money in her purse so we went on a bit of a bender for her. She's only 10 so is doing well with the training!! I hadnt had any breakfast before we left...naughty again..so we went to the Harvester for lunch.
We had salad to start (as is the law at the Harvester!!) and I ordered the Chicken and Bacon Stack, knowing that I had lots of points to catch up on. I couldnt finish it!!! Again, in the 'old days' I would have eaten it all, with more salad, AND had something from the dessert menu!! No way could I have even considered a dessert, I was stuffed!!! I'm sooo happy with that! For me it signals that something positive is actually happening :0)

Once we were home and I'd had a bit of a sleep (well, I'm not getting any younger-40 in Sept!) I felt much better...the PMT subsided, the horns went back into the skull and the forked tail disappeared. I was human again!! My long suffering FB did us a cooked breakfast for tea (!!) which I thoroughly enjoyed and I HAD to have a regular sized Snickers bar to help catch up with some points...what a shame!!

I am now back on track with my points but as have been under the weather since Monday I havent had as much exercise as I would like to have had. I'm usually out with the dog for at least 30-40 mins in the mornings and would go to Aquafit on Tuesday....none of that until today :0(
Today is the first day that I have had enough energy to get up and out so please keep everything crossed for me that I have managed my points well enough to lose at least the 1lb I need to reach my 2 stone this week!!

Keep up the good work everyone :0)


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  1. Well that doesn't sound so bad, hon! I thought there was going to be mention of child-sacrifice and puppy-skinning when you said you were the devil with PMT! And food-wise, at least it's better to under-eat and catch it up than try and do it the other way round!

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one to take my own snacks to the cinema these days - makes life so much easier! xx