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Friday, 27 February 2009

It's the lovely weekend again!!

Well helloooooooo my lovelies :0)

As you can tell I'm in a much better mood today...LOL!!!

Have had another busy day so have been saved from myself :0) My friend had chips for lunch (I resisted!) and had a ham and tomato roll, ww nachos, a banana and a ww blueberry bar!! My god I was stuffed after that lot, I cant believe how little it takes to fill me up these days, it's great!

For tea tonight OH wanted fish n chips..being that I'm abstaining from chips I insisted on having salmon with stir fry veg...it's becoming a staple part of my diet recently!! I cooked it for a change and it was DELISH! How virtuous do I feel having resisted the 'bad stuff'!!! I know I could have had something from the chippy but I didn't want to 'waste' points on something that wasn't going to benefit me..oh how times have changed!

I decided to invest (well, OH paid cos I sneaked it in the trolley!!) in a reasonably decent swimming costume for my aquafit. I'm fed up with having my belly flopping about whilst I'm jumping about like a mad thing... not to mention my boobs circling like UFO's on a mission of their own!!

We're off to the beach again tomorrow :0) Being that the weather forecast is good it should be lovely and i'm looking forward to the pub lunch...I may try a different type of fish like sea bass or maybe plaice/lemon sole..I'm getting adventurous in me old age!!

I hope you all have a fabbie weekend and stay on track....and if you happen to go over...there's always the rest of the week to catch up!!

P xx

Thursday, 26 February 2009

4.5lb.....or £4.5???!!!!!

I'm starting this post in a foul mood :-(

A sneaky peak on the analogue scales yesterday showed a 4.5lb loss...the scales at WI this evening showed STS...gggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I made my feelings known in class and was told because I've done 2 lots of aquafit, which I dont normally do, as well as my walking, my body is holding on to everything till it finds out what is going on. I'm to keep doing what I'm doing and it will show...eventually. YEAH, that's all very well to say but I WANTED that 2lb tonight for my 3rd 7 :-( booooohoooooo

On a more positive note I did my measurements again tonight and have lost 8.5 inches from all over since I started WW...that's not something to be sniffed at I s'pose! Most of it has come off of my hips, altho if you've read my previous posts, you'll know some of it has also come off my boobs..which I'm not wholly impressed about!

OH and I are going to Lulworth Cove on Saturday so that's going to mean lots of walking...and a pub lunch no doubt..but being near to sea at least I can indulge in some fresh fish! I may try something different to the usual salmon or tuna, like seabass or lemon sole, and it wont include chips as I have decided to give them up for Lent. I'm not religious at all, it's more of a personality test really...being that I love them so much!
There had been talk of staying out the night but if we do that I'll miss my aquafit on Sunday and that will never do!!!!

Being that I have 4.5 points left and my Millies cookie is 3.5 I'm off for that and a cuppa...then it's bed!

Take care all,

P xx

update for yesterday....

Hi all,

I'm going to write this one as if it was Weds as didnt make it onto pc last night :-(!

Have felt great today! I can really really feel the difference my 19lb loss has made..little things like still being able to breathe whilst doing up my shoesand the fact that my size smaller jeans fit a treat amongst lots of other little things!!

I've had a mega busy day...had a brekkie of shreddies with semi skimmed milk and would normally have a pear or banana at about 11ish but was soooo tied up with stuff I didnt even think about it! I eventually had my lunch about 2 o'clock which was 1/2 a can of Morrisons macaroni cheese on a piece of toast...yummy!! I was famished by that time!

OH suggested that we could have take away for tea last night and I said you and the kids can but I dont want any...OMG!!! ...someone bring the real me back!!!! I always used to be up for a takeaway...and yes I know I can point and count it...but I dont want to 'spend' that many points when I know I can have something much nicer and home made for less and it tastes a million times better!! I'm beginning to think there's something in the saying 'nothing tastes as good as being slim feels'!

My fabbie dress that I bought the other day has sadly had to go back as the bodice was faaaar too big and they didnt have it in a 20 so I echanged it for another dress I had been looking at and in a 22 it fits like an absolute glove :-) even with my jeans on underneath (lovely!) so once they're not there and I have my 'magic-hold-it-all-in' pants' on...it'll be very posh! I have a 'do' to go to next month with a friend so it'll hopefully look even better then!

It's WI day tomorrow. I wish I had a morning WI, it's murder waiting all day to have something substantial to eat! I must confess to a SP yesterday and the scales were showing 4.5lb off...I need at least 2 for my 3rd Silver7 so here's keeping everything crossed!!

Good luck to all those who still have WI to face :-)

P xx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

OMG... I'm a bad person :-(((((

Hello all,

I hope today finds you well and happy :-)

I have come to the conclusion that I am a bad person.....

I've just realised I've turned into a 'feeder'...one of those nasty people who feed others the things they crave/want/ themselves!! I'm not into giving massive portions or anything like that but I have found lately I tend to do things like buying OH the cakes he says he wont eat anymore in support for me... giving other people chips when I want them myself, things like that. Now that I've realised what's going on I shall be addressing the issue!! OH has just asked if that means he wont get anymore cakes.... MEN!!!

On a better note I have been angelic today!! I've stayed within my points, not had any chips (altho was flippin tempted!!) and have been to aquafit again tonight and worked blimmin hard :-)

I've had another realisation today....being in the 17 stone bracket now means I'm the lightest I've been since being pregnant with my daughter...and she is now 9!! Onwards and downwards to the weight I was before having my son which was about 15 stone ish. That sounds ok till I tell you he is 18 this year!! Alot to be said for losing babyweight :-) I actually think I'm still working on the puppy fat!!!!

I hope everyone who has weighed in is happy with their result and to all of those still to face the music....Good Luck!

P xx

Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday bl@@dy Monday!!

Good evening all!!

I hope you are well and have not suffered tooooo much on this godforsaken day of the week!!

Have had a good day, all in all... used up all of my points and didnt have chips for lunch for a change! I normally have a small portion with beans and a slice of processed cheese (yummmmmmmy!) and always count them but have decided that this week I will find something else and only maybe have them on the weekend...let's see if I can manage it!! I'm thinking about giving them up for Lent, maybe going cold turkey will see me break the addiction and only have them occasionally??!!

The fantastic bargain dress I got yesterday is going back tomorrow...for the next next size down!! It's a bit of a gamble that it wont be toooo tight on my hips (I'm ALWAYS going to be a hippy kinda gal!) but I really need so much taken in on the boobie bit that I will chance it and see what happens. I've never had to worry about my chest area being so out of proportion..I just hope that my hips at least catch up some what!

We went swimming AGAIN today, think I'm developing gills! DD has swimming lessons and they are at the local leisure pool so we go in and mess around with her for just over an hour beforehand. It's not proper swimming but it's all moving about and throwing her around/carring her on my back/swimming under water so I think it's enough to count :-) I've also got 1.5 points on my pedometer so am happy with that.

I'll be going to aquafit again tomorrow so that'll be the 7th time in 8 days of being in water..enough is enough!!

Time to say goodnight, all of this exercise is very tiring!!

Take care,

P xx

Sunday, 22 February 2009

All in the name of research.....!!

Hello all,

It's your friendly, if not a little crazy, blogger back for another instalment!!

Let's start with the research....

Yesterday OH and I found a mandarin cheesecake in Morrisons made with Light Philadelphia....4.5 points for 1/6th of a portion. It was DELISH!!! I even swapped my already counted 2nd bottle of lager for another little sliver! Needless to say, OH has a particularly sweet tooth so it was all gone by the time we'd finished but it was well worth it! The box has gone to the big recycling bin in the sky so cant tell you who made it, but I will be picking another one up tomorrow so will let you know then. They also do a lemon one which I'm sure would be as good, but I'm not a lemony person!

Today has been a good day, on the whole. I say that as when I posted yesterday I aimed to be up and out doing my Aquafit this morning... and I made it... which is obviously a good thing! I worked hard at it and can already feel a few unused muscles starting to make their presence felt :-)

I had to take DD for an eye test this afternoon and on the way back to the car we passed New Look and being that I've not bought myself anything for ages I thought we'd pop in for a look. Isn't it heartbreaking when you feel good, you know you are shrinking, the 'eating plan' is going well, you're feeling proud of yourself for making sensible choices...and then you catch a glimpse in a shop window of some stranger walking past. Only that's not a stranger...it's you...only NOT looking quite as good as you feel :-( Damn it!!
I think I would normally have grabbed a bar of chocolate to console myself with before WW but now it just gives me more incentive to get to where I want to be...not to stay looking like this. I just keep reminding myself that it didnt go on overnight so it wont go that way either, altho we all know how much faster it goes on...gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

On the upside of today, on our visit to New Look I got some bargains!! I picked up a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe dress (in black) that I've been keeping my eye on for agggggeeeessss and it used to be £28 ... I got it for £4!!!!!! I also bought it in a smaller size and although it fits quite well, the boobie bit is still tooooo big! I used to wear a size 24 but think, to be honest, I probably should have been wearing a 26 only I refused to buy the bigger size! I got the dress in a 22 and will have to get my mum to work her magic and take the top bit in...which I take to be a real boost. I bought a new pair of jeans, also in a 22 but haven't tried them on yet! I also got a light coloured lightweight jacket that was reduced to £6 so I'm really pleased!!!

We've had a chicken roast for dinner tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it, had a little bit of everything and am still full up. Whilst we were at Ikea last week I found some dinner plates that are slightly smaller than normal so picked up a couple and it really makes a difference. It looks like I have a huge dinner but it's really not.

I'm really happy with my efforts today...I have earned at least 3.5 BP's for my aquafit this morning and have now got another 1.5 according to my pedometer...I really really really want that 3rd Silver 7 this week! I'm achieving 1/2 a stone every 5 weeks at the moment and am finding this incredibly frustrating as with as much to lose as I have it should be coming off a bit faster than that. Oh well, as long it's coming off I s'pose that's all good!!

Enough rambling for now, it's bed time! UUURRGGGHHHH.....Here comes Monday morning again.......

Take care all,

P xx

Saturday, 21 February 2009

I love the weekend!

Hi everyone :-)

I hope you are having a great weekend, whether it be a busy or relaxing one!

We made it to the coast...eventually!! Ever tried getting a 17 and 18 year old out of bed before 2pm??! Especially when they've been on the Xbox till 3 in the morning....ggrrrrrrrr!! OH and I took our DD's also...they are 9 and 14... what a great age range to be out with for day??!

We went to The Pyramids on the seafront at Portsmouth. The boys took off and did their own thing for a couple of hours.. think they are too cool to be hanging out with the 'olds'!! OH, meself and the girls messed around in the pool with the wave machine and on the slides...I was like a big kid! I don't usually go in for doing things like that, I normally get my huge a$$ into the pool and stay there as that way no one can see what's hiding under the water!! Today I thought... who cares??...I don't... and if anyone else does...TOUGH LUCK!!!

Legging it up the stairs quite a few times for the 20 second ride down the slide MUST have earned me some BP's!! I know the walking we did earned me 1.5 BP's as I had my pedometer on (sad or what??!!).

We had some lunch at the pool and I was hoping they would do jacket potatoes or the like, unfortunately they didn't, so I hopefully made the healthiest choice and had vegetable burger and chips...OH had most of the chips. I'm getting to be SUCH a good girl at giving them away!! Being a chip lover it's difficult but seeing the results of little efforts like that is much better than the very quickly forgotten enjoyment of eating them. Not to mention remembering the old saying- a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!

OH has cooked me salmon and stir fried garden veg again tonight (had that last wkend for Valentines day) and again it was Delicious!! Washed that down with a bottle of lager (all counted) and am off to watch a film in a min. We picked up a mandarin cheesecake earlier made with Light Philadelphia so in the name of research I will be trying that very shortly :-)! I shall let you know the verdict...at 4.5 points for a 1/6th portion it'd better be worth it!!!

Have decided I will be up and out in the morning by 9am to do my first Aquafit session tomorrow. I used to do them when I did WW last time and really enjoyed it, the instructor is lovely, so now that I'm at my lightest for a very long time I'm going to start going twice a week for a good ol' cardio workout and to tone up. I'm going to do my measurements before I go as it's about a month since I did them last so it'll be good to compare them next month :-)

I hope you all have a great evening, catch you soon!

P xx

Friday, 20 February 2009

Wooo Hoooo... It's Friday!!

Good evening all,

I hope everyone is well and happy :-)

Today has been another good day...here's hoping there are many more! As long as they keep coming the weight loss is going to continue :-)

I read a blog earlier where there was a comment about never having been small so it's unknown territory... It could have been written by me as this is exactly my situation too..I have a few thoughts on this... Is it going to change me? Will it change the way people treat/perceive me......?? Very scary but a little bit exciting at the same time!

I'm now in the 17's so have dropped a point...YAY!! on the one hand but also I am very glad the weather is starting to improve as will be much more inclined to have salads and lots of zero points foods instead of using up my points on 'warm' foods!
It's going to be great when my DD goes back to school next week so that we can get back into the routine of walking to school with the dog, which obviously does us all the world of good.

I have lost 19lb so far and can certainly tell the difference...I can still breathe when I bend down to do up my shoes.. I can crouch down easier, all of my trousers are getting much looser, I can see the difference and I feel good!!! If that's how I feel now, surely it's just going to keep getting better!!

We are off to Portsmouth tomorrow go swim at the Pyramids. I'm still very conscious wearing a swimming cossie but do it anyway.,..I just keep thinking of the points used whilst there!

I'll be back to update again tomorrow :-)

P xx

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Weigh-In Day......

Hi All :-)

Today has been a busy one... eventually got out of bed (day off!) and did some running around then OH and I took DD to the cinema to see The Secret of Moonacre (great for the kids...mind you..I really enjoyed it too!).

Had the foresight to pop some WW Hoola Hoops into my handbag so while OH was tucking into a HUGGGGGE box of popcorn and DD had Ben 'n' Jerrys Choc fudge ice cream (not a fan, so easy to resist!) I felt very virtuous with my snacks!

We went over to the Aquadrome and had some chips, of which I had just a few to go with my Tuna n Pasta Light Lunch then into the water we went...bbbbbbrrrr...it was flippin cold in there despite half the population of the town being in there also!!!

Once we decided enough was enough I just had time to shower, pop home to dry my hair and grab my bag for WI. Scales say I have lost 1.5lb this week...not bad really but with all of the walking on Sat and having made such healthy choices whilst eating out this week I was disappointed it wasn't more....I'm soooooo greedy when it comes to my WI's!!!!

I also have to take into account it's TOTM and so should be happy to have lost at all :-

Also a bit of a miracle.... I am now in the 17's....thought they were lost forever!!!!!!!!

Really glad we had planned ahead and that tea was already ready after the meeting as don't get home till just after 8 and am staaaaaaarrrvvvving by then! Still got 5.5 points left so am just deciding what to 'spend' them on!!

I hope all that have weighed in have got the results they want and to all of those still to face the scales...Good Luck!!

Jane xx

P.S. No further information re Case Study as yet, will let you know as soon as I know!! x

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A couple of days to fill in .....

On Saturday (Valentines Day) OH brought me tea and toast in bed...now anyone who knows me knows just how much I love a hot cuppa in my bed!! We went to the new Ikea in Southampton for a look round, I've not been to one before. Wouldn't necessarily go again either!

We grabbed a Mc Donalds as the restaurant was heaving (OH wanted the infamous meatballs but wasn't willing to wait for ages!) then went on to Bournemouth. We parked at Durley Chine and walked...and walked...and walked and ended up in Poole!! By the time we'd walked back and grabbed a drink at the pub on the seafront my pedometer had clocked up 7.5 points!!!

On the way home we called into Morrisons for something for OH to cook for me and had salad cart, salmon fillet and a small bag of courgette/sugar snap peas/fine green beans to stir fry with a small bottle of red wine to wash it down with....it was all flippin' yummy!!!

Sunday was spent chasing around collecting DD from her dad, housework.. all the usual gumpf that a Sunday entails :-( !!!!

Monday... not much to report.. ate well and stayed within my points...what a good girl!!!

I'm going to be much more organised and keep this blog up to date and I'll try not to be so camera shy so's I have lots of foto's to bore you all to death with!!

Till next time :-) !!!!!!!!!!!


My kiddie winkies!!!

DS... isnt he handsome?!!!!

O M G??? What the heck happened??!!!!

DD...ain't she just the sweetest thing??!!!

Here's the mutt...Marley :-)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Retrospective Start......

Hi All,

I'm Jane (obviously!) and have started this blog because my WW leader has asked me to be her Case Study for a year!! I have a terrible memory so this is a great way to keep track of everything. I've never done anything like this before so I hope it all goes well!

I'll be 40 this September and I want to have a joint party with my son who will be 18 and I WILL NOT be fat for it! This was one of the main reasons for my 3rd journey with WW. Third time lucky huh??!!!

Being that I've started this retrospectively I'd best start at the beginning..........

I joined WW on the 26th November weighing 19st 4.5lb...only 3.5lb less than the start weight of the last time about a year earlier.
I've had a bit of a slow start this time and for someone who likes to see results FAST this was frustrating! I think this is the reason I have given up before. Of course we all know that the 'eating plan' works but if you're looking for the sort of results I am it's nothing short of gastric band proportions! I was told I was mad for starting before Christmas but I saw it as a way of keeping things in check...and it worked!! On the first WI after Xmas, which was about 2 1/2 weeks, I'd managed to lose 4lb!! Chuffed or what??!! Have to admit to feeling very self righteous!

I have now had a steady weight loss to date...1st 4lb. I was hoping to have a 'clean sheet' with no plusses but have had 1 due to not eating enough...never thought me of all people would be able to say that!! I have achieved 2 Silver 7's so far and am hoping for 3lb off this week to take me to my 3rd :-) I will then have 6lb to go for my 10 % then a pound after that will be my 2 stone...this will be the most I have ever lost so I'm very excited!

I don't know too much about the Case Study as yet, will hopefully find out more from my Leader on Thursday...I will keep you posted!

Well, that's all for now folks.... next installment to follow ....... :-)