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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Well...as is the norm.....

I have been AWOL again :0(((((((

I, Miss Completely Bloody Unorganised, do solemnly swear that I will update this blog at least every other day, if not more.


Now to work......

I have had a great time on the WW plan from the last time we 'spoke' till now :0)

Went out to an all you can eat Chinese last Saturday for FB's birthday and over the day have worked out I had a total of about 50 points (am on 26 per day). I considered that to be very reasonable! I had a little of everything I fancied including crispy duck pancakes and thoroughly enjoyed king prawns in hot and spicy sauce with just a little steamed rice!

I havent managed to get to Aquafit for a while and am pretty disappointed with myself for that. I am, however, up and out with the dog every morning at 06.30ish for at least half an hour and walk round the huge park lots of times, more often than not making pretty patterns in the very dewy grass as I weave my way round it keeping up with the dog whilst she chases birds!! She hasnt quite worked out that no matter how fast she runs she will never catch them whilst they are flying...oh well...it's good for both of us!

I went to WI on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised..I lost 3lb :0)))))
I wasnt sure what to expect. I had been 'collecting' points since Sunday to make up for going over but had been reeeeaaalllyyy low on a couple of days. I SP'd before I left (on my WW scales, as I always do) and they gave me a good indication of what was to come but I like to get the final result at the meeting...which was confirmed :0)

I have 1.5lb to go to get into the 16's...somewhere I havent been for a veeeeerrrry long time. Like before I was pregnant with my DD..and she is now 10!!

I have been giving saving points alot of thought lately. I have always been much happier saving points before using them, but as I weigh in on a Thursday there is not much time so I have come to the conclusion that if I go a few over on the weekend, it's just as easy to regain them (I dont like to think of having to 'catch up') on the days before WI so that revelation has taken a weight off of my mind...pardon the pun!!

This weekend we have nothing exciting planned so I will get the lawn mowed...again!!..and try to get my friend to get his lawn mower back so's I can do his too and his garden is much much bigger than mine and terribly overgrown! I must make sure I get out with the dog, too. I tend to let this slide on the weekends and my DS takes her, when I can persuade him to. As much help as this is, it's not going to earn ME activity points so I will ensure I go. We are going to get the push bikes sorted too..there are some niggly problems with them that wont take long, but you know what it's like trying to get round to doing these things!

I'm completely focused at the moment and long may this last!! I have 18.5lb to go to get my 50lb certificate...saying it like that makes it seems SOOOO achievable!! I will, of course, receive 3 Shiiinnnyyyy Silver 7's in the meantime as well as my 3rd stone for my purse...how much more incentive can one person need??!!

I hope everyone is happy, healthy, drinking their water and having a Great Bank Holiday :0)


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