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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Oh Flippin Knickers :0((((

Oh well...wanted to have lost 1.5lb to become a 15 Gonnabee instead of a 16st Wannabee but it just Wasntmeanttobeee :0(((( I put on 0.5lb instead. I think this is due to totm so all is not lost, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.


I have been good with my points and have been doing lots of walking with the dog so I will put it down to water retention and carry on pointing, walking and drinking my water and I will posting a 'Yiiipppeee' next week :0)

I am due to be mowing my friends lawn this weekend and it's huuugge so that should be mega bonus points! Not much else planned and as am skint to the eyeballs just now I'll have to amuse meself by taking the dog out lots!

Good luck to all who are weighing tomorrow and over the weekend :0)


1 comment:

  1. Oh pants - next week though!!! You'll get it next week. xx