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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bank Holidays :0)))

Hey all :0)

I hope everyone is well and happy??

I have been very productive this morning! After my brekkie of Oatie Shreddies (I Luuurrrvvee normal Shreddies but am trying to steer clear of wheat products at the min as I feel they are giving me a bad tummy) I did two loads of washing, hung them both out to dry in the beautiful weather then took the dog out for 40 mins whilst DD and her friend played in the park. When I got back, I mowed my lawn. It looks soo nice and tidy when it's done :0) I washed up and cleared the kitchen then decided to treat myself to the WW 5+ boards for the day...and goodness me havent they been busy!!

I cant believe how many posts appear whilst I'm trying to catch up with the ones from the previous evening!! I have given alot of my own personal advice and I hope it will have been of some help to some..not just pointless waffle!!

For lunch FB cooked me a two egg, sausage and cheese omlette, which I had with mixed salad. I pointed it and it came out at 10.5 with the little bit of mayonnaise I had on my salad. A little high on the points side but it was realllly yummy and I loved every bit of it :0) Only downside of the omlette is that it turns out that the sausage we used doesnt agree with me so I now feel 'purged'!! Sorry if that is TMI for some!!!

For tea I have had toad in the hole (made with completely different sausages!) mash and mixed veg. I was plesantly full after that and will now be having small homemade trifle kinda thing that will only cost me about 0.5 points...perfect!!

We are hoping to take DD and her friend to Frensham Ponds tomorrow. It's a kind of inland beach where FB and the kids can swim and I can make sandcastles :0))) I dont do 'outside' swimming...faaarrr tooo cold!

That's about it from me today...in the morning I will be taking the dog for her/our exercise before going out for the day so I will have upheld my wish to keep more active over the Bank Holiday :0)

Take care and I hope everyone has a great Bank Holiday Monday!


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