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Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Weekend...and Flyball!!

Hello all,

After the disaster that was WI my resolve is well and truly established to get down into the next stone this coming week and to reach that 11lb off that I've set myself for 1st July :0)

Did some running around Saturday...one of those 'chase your tail and get bugger all done 'kinda days :0( Britains Got Talent was as great as always!! Ended the day having a Drifter to make up my points...what a shame!!

Had been browsing through t'tinternet looking for some help training my Staffie puppy (well, she's 16 months now and probably only needs training cos I was crap early on)

To cut a long story short I found a Flyball website. I had heard about this from a lady I see whilst out walking and it's very similar to a relay race over jumps, for dogs. I mailed them see if there was any criteria my dog had to fulfill to compete and there was none so after a great fone call with the lady who runs the team I agreed to take the pup over to see what it was all about!! Little did I know it was going to involve ME running about!! That was a bit of a shocker! All in all they are a fabulous team of people and I even got some training tips for my dog whilst I was there :0)) I'm really looking forward to going again but next time I'll be wearing tighter trousers (jeans kept falling down and nearly coming off when I was trying to get treats out of my pocket!!NSV?!) and definitely NOT a v necked tshirt as when bending down to catch the dog you tend to reveal a bit more than you intended to!!

I had my pedometer on and have earned 2 bonus points...if only they could factor in how much effort I have to put in to run...It'd be more like 10!! LOL!!..

With more structure to my walking the dog now I hope it'll show both in the tape measure and on the scales and have to do more bending and getting my arse moving a bit faster!! :0))

I'll keep you updated on our progress :0)

Off to bed now, sweet dreams


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