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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Something a little different!!!

Hi girls and boys,

As usual it's been a while!! There's been lots of ups and downs (more downs unfortunately, but that's life sometimes) and a radical eating plan change to boot!! I am still with WW and using the points system to keep an eye on portion control but am now implementing alot of Gillian McKeith's menu plans and using her food combining techniques too.

I'm sure you will have read in my past posts how bloated I have been, and that is 99% of the time. Ive suffered digestive problems for more years than I can remember too :0( According to her advice, I have now cut out all wheat and dairy products. I have had a 'swelly belly' for 3 weeks and my WIs were just soul destroying...0.5 off...1lb on...0.5 off... I was just about ready to give up. I then went to my bestest friends house for an impromptu visit. She is now Vegan (I couldnt go quite that far!) but she introduced me to the delights of Houmous (which I never dreamt I'd like) and lent me her G McK books. I havent put them down since and have taken to the food combining in the hope that it will sort out my bloating/gas/bad digestion.

Along with the radical new eating plan my friend suggested having Colonic Hydrotherapy. I'd thought about it in the past but had never 'taken the plunge' so I looked up a clinic and went for it yesterday!! I chose this one http://www.ringwoodhealthclinic.com/
I asked for my treatment to be with the nurse called Jane Burts as she specialises in weight loss and dietary problems and thought I may as well make the most of the money I was spending on my 'Inner Beauty'!!! I had to fill in a questionnaire to clarify what ailments I have and what medications I take and from this she deduced that I should steer clear of dairy products and sugary foods....as well as the wheat! As if that's going to be easy, but if I want to feel better then surely it's going to be worth it??

The treatment itself, altho very peculiar feeling, wasnt at all embarassing/painful/awful. Jane was lovely and treated me with dignity at all times. She explained everything that was happening and answered my 1000,000,000,000, questions about both the new eating plan and the treatment as we went along. Unfortunately, due to a bad journey there and arriving late, I didnt have time for the whole treatment as we needed to do the initial paperwork so as Jane had some idea of what she was treating me for. Jane has advised that because the 'matter' in my insides wasnt put there in a day she wasnt going to be able to get rid of it in a day and has a very good deal on further treatments, so I'm going to have 4 more sessions over the coming weeks :0) She was very reasonable about the payment on this visit and adjusted it accordingly which was brilliant of her as the traffic problems were not her fault :0)) Other advice was to take a herbal remedy to help regulate my 'system' and to take some probiotics to also help and to replace the good bacteria that may have been flushed out. After wondering whether it was the right thing to do, considering where I had been and what had been done... I had a really healthy lunch of chickpea and couscous salads, corn thins (like snack a jacks) and houmous with carrot sticks!! I also got a '9 bar' which is made of mixed nuts and has a carob coating on one side...I'm addicted to them! Even if they are 4.5 points each!!

My friend advised eating little and often, which is something I can quite happily manage! I cannot believe how little I can eat now and feel completely satisfied...I dont know if that's down to what I now eat or whether my appetite is much smaller?? Time will tell, I s'pose :0)

I went shopping this morning and it took me about 1hr 40mins due to reading all of the labels so as to see what I can actually eat (!!!) and managed to find dairy\wheat free custard and chocolate not to mention jammy dodger biscuits...things may not be soooo bad after all!! I'm having mixed fish and butternut squash made into a fish pie tonight. The sauce is made of dairy free cheese and as I'm not to mix fish with starchy vege's the BNS does the trick beautifully :0)) I'll be having baby leaf and herb salad with it and a chocolate flavoured soya dessert for afters...life is looking pretty good just now!! Well, the eating plan is, anyway!!! (its just the bloody kids that need sorting now!!)

I cant wait to see what results of my hard work and planning :0))) ...I'll keep you posted!

Take care and be good,



  1. You certainly are taking on a big challenge there! Good luck with it. I have thought about colonic's and wondered if it would kick start the body & make it function better. It costs a fair bit thought doesn't it? Im just watching Jillian McKeith on tv just now, seem good but not sure if i'd manage to do without wheat forever!!! xx

  2. Hi Lorr,
    Thank you for your lovely comment! It IS a big change and gives masses to think about but if it works and I dont feel as goddamn awful as I have been then it's all good for me :0))

    The Colonic... it worked out at £200 for 5 sessions and the first session was 1/2 hr longer because of the health questionnare you need to fill in. I will be getting the full 1 hours 'flushing' next time (because of traffic I was late to the first one)....there's something to look forward to!!

    I can, by all means, keep you updated as to how I feel/what sort of effect it-and the new eating plan- has and then maybe you can make a more informed decision?


  3. Hi Jane,

    I'll be interested to see how you get on! My boss at my last company (also a friend of mine) is quite severely wheat and (cow) dairy intolerant, so I've discussed this sort of stuff with her quite often - it might be worth asking your therapist about non-cow dairy, because there are tons of substitutes out there with sheeps or goats milk in instead which taste great - especially the ice-cream I'm told!! Also there are loads of different alternative flours you can use which are wheat free, which I'm told work brilliantly for baking!

    I have to admit, that I notice that now I've cut back on wheat, when I do have pasta I tend to really bloat - I've found that just moving to raw ingredients based cooking like chicken, veg, potatoes, couscous and similar has really helped me out.

    Keep us updated on how you're doing! And check out Mrs Crimbles cake range for wheat / dairy / gluten free goodies - their Dutch Apple Cake is to die for and really low in fat to boot! xx

  4. Jaaaaaaannne!! Where have you gone??? Hope everything's ok, and you're not blogging because you're just too busy!! xx