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Friday, 17 July 2009

Been a while, as usual :0(

Hi all,

Long time no see...as usual, I hear you shout!!!

Well, I have lots to report!

The new eating plan is going really well, surprised as I am to say it. It can be a complete pain in the arse sometimes as there isnt much chance of being spontaneous...Planning is the key but life doesnt always allow for that!!! I have relaxed a little on the potato side of things and allow a little as I now go to the gym...more about that later. I have had a couple of nasty episodes involving ice cream and chocolate...I wont be having either of them again :0((

I am going to Ringwood for my last 'treatment' tomorrow and there have been vast improvements in that department! On my first treatment, when the therapist 'shut down' the outlet valve and asked me to to let her know when the pressure was too much I only lasted 5 seconds (it takes approximately nearly a minute to fill the colon completely) so there wasnt much room around there!! On my latest trip, when she closed the valve I managed nearly 50 seconds before I asked her to open it!! WOOOHOOO!! My digestive system must be on the mend! I will be going once a month from tomorrow and do you realise.,..the next course of 5 will finish just before Christmas??!!! Where the hell did the time go??!!

I did my Race For Life on 21st June. I will be doing it again next year and really hope to be able to jog all of the way round. THAT will be a real achievement :0))

This is the 'before' shot
Looking fairly reasonable and ready for the challenge!!

This is the 'after' shot.

Looking pretty knackered, and feeling that way but very proud to have knocked 14 minutes off of last years time by running some of the way!!

I was given an Active in Health prescription by the doctor for our local Sports Centre a little while ago and have finally dragged my considerable ass down there and have had my induction. Jan, the instructor, is lovely and has given me a cardio programme to follow for now.
I do 10 mins on the exercise bike,
5 mins on the 'arm bike' (it kinda has a front crawl motion),
10 mins on the X trainer,
2 x 10 sets on the ab machine then
10 mins on the treadmill.

This doesnt sound much as I do alot of walking anyway but the intensity of these is quite high, I really get out of breath and really really sweaty! I do do more than just the one set on the ab machine as that is the part of me that I hate the most so I'm working hard to change it. I was even at the gym by 07.15 on Wednesday...never thought I'd see the day!!! I went again after work yesterday and I hope to be able to go tomorrow and Sunday. I have weigh in on Monday and have been this --------------- close to getting my 3 stone for about 5 weeks now so I'm hoping that the exercise will be the thing that makes the difference?? I have another appointment with Jan on Tuesday to add in some weights ..... bye bye Bingo Wings too, hopefully?!!!!

I have a new job now...still involves food and the worst part is when the hot baguettes come out....OH MY GOD I cant tell you how ABSOLUTELY bloody fabulous they smell....it's not fair....this wheat free thing really sucks sometimes :0((

Oh well, going to watch the rest of my programme then off to bed...have to get up early (for a Saturday!) and go out with the dog till my pedometer says at least top of 'healthy' range to start the day off right! Obsessed?? Me?? Dont talk silly!!


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  1. Yay - welcome back!!! Glad everything's going ok for you, sounds like this fresh new routine was just what you needed. x