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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

There's a pattern forming here........!

I've just realised there is a pattern forming for my blogs...as in...posting every other day! This is probably a good thing as left toooo much to my own devices I will tend to ramble on about any old thing so best left till I have something sensible to say!!


Mostly spent the day trying to make my legs operate sufficiently to get around after all my efforts in the garden over the weekend! Trying to dig those damn bramble roots out really got to the back of my thighs and I have been walking like I've just got off a horse for the first time in a week! LOL!!! Did ok on points but have been feeling 'fat'... probably due to TOTM.


One hell of a busy day!!
I was out with the dog at 06.40 for about 1/2hr, walked to school with DD and had to make a detour to collect her friend as her mum wasn't well. Went into town where I had loads of errands to run and whilst in town I parked at one end and had to walk for miles to get all that I needed to done. By the time I had finished I had clocked up 6.5 points on my pedometer!! Later in the afternoon, after collecting DD from school, I went to a friends and mowed their lawn. Great, I hear you say...so what??! Well, it's about 100 ft long by about 70ft wide and this was the first cut of the year! I can honestly say I'm really quite glad they've got a driven petrol mower as this makes it a little easier. Being that I will probably get the job to do every fortnight or so I shall be greatful by the end of the season!! Not to mention having biceps and calves like Arnie!!

I can honestly say I'm shattered so will make my well earned cuppa and pop off to bed....

Sweet Dreams :0)

P xx

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