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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Getting a bit slack??!!!

I'm disappointed in myself for not boring you with new posts every day as I'd intended so I will aim to do so from now on!! (slack no 1!)

I've been within my points this week and have been getting up with FB at 05.45 and taking the dog out for 30/40 mins every morning as well as walking DD to school.

I went to aquafit on Tuesday and after the class asked the instructor if she was on speed or summit as she'd worked us mega hard :0) She said she was 'angry' and having spoken to one of the other members it turns out that there were 2 women who never stopped talking the whole way thro the class. She's had words with them before about it but they'd obviously not taken any notice so she had one of the lifeguards turn the music up REALLY loud and worked our butts off!! Good for us I'd say (being a glutton for punishment!). I've been out with the dog for 1/2 hr again this morning and will walk DD to school which is about 1/4 mile each way.

Yesterday I was thinking (steady on girl!) about WW and losing points as you lose weight and as you get older (I'll be 40 in September !) and wondering where on earth was the incentive in that?? I was wearing a pair of jeans I've had for some time and as I got off the sofa, although I had a belt on, I had to yank them up. FB said (and I quote) "darling you are just going to have to accept you've lost too much weight to wear those jeans anymore" (slack no 2!!)

THERE'S THE INCENTIVE!! I was hoping it wouldn't be too far away!

I must admit I was having a 'skinny day', you know when you feel really so much smaller than you used to, it's just a shame the mirror doesn't recognise it!! I keep looking at my belly and wishing they were more in proportion as it's that and my hips that are letting me down but when I take into consideration how much more fat (YUP...she used the F word!!) I have to lose I hope both areas will be alot different. I dont think I look like I weigh as much as I do so perhaps as there IS so much more to get rid of I may end up smaller than I could have previously imagined......
OMG... this is all too much for this time of the morning!!!

Well, it's weigh in night and I am, for once, looking forward to it! Knowing my luck it'll all go horribly wrong but I will let you know later!!!
I have 4.5lb to go for my 10% and then another 1lb after that for my 2 stone, (and another lovely, shiny, sticky Silver 7....ooooo....shiny....!!) so here goes!!

Jane xx


  1. Hee hee - careful you don't let your jeans get too loose else they'll be sliding down in public and that WOUlD be embarrassing!!! Yay - defintely more posts plese - I like being "bored" with my lunch - either that or I'm just nosy and like to see what other folks are up to! Good luck for tonight - make like a magpie - collect the shiny things!! xx

  2. You're doing so well! I hope weigh in's good tonight!